How to Change Root Password in Linux

Do you have to change your Linux root password? In this guide, we’ll go through how to reset a password for Linux using the "passwd" command followed by the name of the wished user. This method can be used to reset the password for the root user and other individual users. The following are the instructions for changing the root password for servers on Linux. Please pick the option that corresponds to your current setup.



We’ll introduce a robust solution to manage all your passwords towards the end of this guide, namely Passwarden by Keepsolid.

For Servers using CPanel/WHM


1. Log in to WHM.


2. Click on the Server Configuration on the home screen.

3. Click on Change Root Password on the Configuration Menu.


4. Enter a new password in the right field and reenter it in Confirm New Password.


5. Click Change Password to take effect.

For Servers using Plesk or SSH (WINDOWS)


1. Download Putty and run it.


2. Enter your Server IP address in the Hostname field.


3. Input 22 in the SSH port field.


4. Click on Open, and you will be asked to enter a username. Since this is the root, type 'root' and click Enter.


5. Enter your current Linux root password and click Enter. Please note that you will not see any mouse pointer movement while typing.


6. At the command box, type in 'passwd' and press Enter. Next, you should be looking at 'Changing password for user root.'


7. When prompted, type in the new one and reenter it at the message 'Retype new password.'


8. Enter 'exit' to leave the dialog box.

For Servers using Plesk or SSH (MAC)


1. Launch Terminal Client.


2. Type in 'ssh root@' as the IP address of your server.


3. Input your current Linux password when asked. Press Enter to get connected.


4. Type in 'passwd' and hit Enter. You should then see: 'Changing password for user root.'


5. Input the new one when asked and re-enter it at the prompt 'Retype new password.'


6. You should then see the message 'passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.'

How to manage all your passwords including password of root in Linux using Passwarden

Are you tired of forgetting your passwords or having to change them periodically? Do you want to end your cyber-identity chaos? We propose Passwarden, the best solution to manage your login credentials effortlessly. Passwarden is an information warehouse where you can make changes to your login credentials centrally and save them securely. It’s available on all major platforms and operating systems. Below, the benefits of our solution are listed. Check them out!


Cross-device Synchronization

Passwarden allows you to get access to your vault from anywhere, any time, as long as you remember your master password. You can make changes to your data and get updated on all devices.

Two-Factor Authentication

This cybersecurity feature is now adopted by a wide range of online platforms that require you to sign in with an account. Every time you want to log in to your Passwarden, you’re prompted on another platform or device to confirm your identity. If your master passcode gets leaked, your vault will still be intact.

Solid Password Generator

Simple passwords are highly risky and can pose harm to your sensitive data. Additionally, if you’re one of those who use the same password everywhere, you definitely need some help. Passwarden generates impossible-to-guess passwords for your accounts, making use of all the allowed characters.

Duress mode

This sleek feature can prove a lifesaver when you’re demanded to permit access to your private data under duress. Signing in to your Passwarden using a preset duress passcode will immediately hide your most personal info and instead show only the data you’ve prepared for your enemy! Withhold information from anyone. Keep in charge!

Autofill Option

Typing in complex passwords repeatedly is really unnecessary and time-consuming. You can save time by getting Passwarden to fill out all the empty fields for you. If you want to enter data manually again, you can always go to settings and toggle off Autofill. 

Secure password-sharing

If you have a habit of sharing your personal data and login credentials data through chat or email, it’s time to change your online lifestyle! Passwarden by Keepsolid empowers you to share your confidential data like a Pro. It allows you to create a shared vault and only link trusted individuals to it. Would-be cyberpunks will not have a chance to intercept your data!

How to get started with Passwarden


Step 1

Download Passwarden app


Step 2

Sign in with your KeepSolid ID.

Step 3

Make a strong master passcode and learn the recovery procedure.

Step 4

Login information can now be stored securely. You can transfer your login data with our Migration tool.


Should you have questions or doubts about Passwarden, please see our Manuals or write to our customer support at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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