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Passwarden - Best Android Password Manager

Android 5.0 and higher


  • Remember only one password
  • Store personal details securely
  • Create strong and reliable passwords
  • Use as many devices as you need with one account

Protect your personal information from hackers or other third parties with the best free Android password manager. With our app, you can manage your passwords, bank details, logins, and other information, in two clicks. Share your passwords with your family and friends with our app and be sure that no characters will leak. 

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

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Passwarden - Best Android Password Manager

In our everyday routine, you have to create dozens of accounts to log in to all the online services we use. And we have to follow some requirements while creating a unique password - it should contain digits, uppercase letters, and symbols. You shouldn’t use personally identifiable information, because your surname or birth date can be easily guessed. 

And if you care about the reliability of the password, you try to create a strong combination of characters. But the more passwords you create, the harder it becomes to remember all of them. Luckily, you have Passwarden, the best free Android password manager, which allows you to keep the whole list of passwords safe. It is a free solution with a set of top features.

Passwarden proves that the password manager can be both free and useful. With a free version of our app, you receive the best experience you can get from an Android password manager. And with the paid version, you get even more!

Data protection

Client-side encryption provided by our free password manager app for Android protects all the items inside the app. AES-256 and EC p-384 algorithms guarantee that nobody, even the KeepSolid team, can't access the information in your vaults. Unauthorized login or password hacking are impossible as well. Two-factor authentication protects your account with an Authenticator app or a backup code you receive on email. 

Protection under duress

The Duress mode is a great feature to keep your data secure even if you are forced to open your Passwarden account in front of third parties. You can create a special Duress password and enter it instead of a Master Password. In this mode, the chosen vaults will not be shown. 

User-friendly interface and log in

Passwarden for Android has an intuitive interface. You will have the smoothest experience sharing your vaults or generating passwords. Log in with a Master Password, facial recognition, or fingerprint. This is swift and secure.

How to Get Started with Passwarden on Android

Download Passwarden to your device

Create a Master Password

Import sensitive info or create new items

If you have any questions on how to manage passwords with our Android password manager, don’t hesitate to ask our customer support team via [email protected].

Passwarden Is the Perfect Security Solution

No need to remember dozens of passwords

Our Android password manager has an Autofill option, assisting you to log in to other applications or websites. Now you have to remember only one Master Password and you don’t need to shouldn’t enter hard combinations of characters difficult to remember. This feature will also help to avoid mistakes while entering passwords. 

Easy password generation

KeepSolid Passwarden helps to create strong and reliable passwords and keep them in safe storage. You can choose the length and character set of your password in a special menu. 

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Our best password manager app for Android allows you to create a bullet-proof password directly in the application. 

Developed social functions

Passwarden has a set of features aimed at interaction with other users. You can easily share vaults with your friends, family, or colleagues. You can buy a family subscription and get seven accounts with unlimited devices. Just create a shared vault and open access to all the necessary items: credit cards, SSN, ID cards, contacts, and secure notes.

Migration and data import

Data migration allows you to export your passwords from browsers and apps and import them into Passwarden in a couple of clicks. Data migration is a common feature for applications that operate large amounts of user information. For example, you can export your browser passwords and move them all right into our Android password manager. Without data migration tools, you’d have to manually copy-paste every item from one app into another.

Features of Our Best Android Password Manager

Secure algorithms

Our safe Android password manager implements the military-grade AES-256 and bulletproof EC p-384 encryption protocols. They reliably scramble all your data and ensure the integrity of the stored passwords and other valuable info. 

Cross-device synchronization

Create vaults and store your passwords and important notes whenever and wherever you want. All the items are synced between all the devices you own.

Client-side encryption

Passwarden implements algorithms of client-side end-to-end encryption. Even if any third party intercepts your data on its way to the cloud server, they will only get a bunch of encoded symbols.

Different types of data

Passwarden can store and protect different types of information: personal data, logins, secure notes, payment documents or licenses, etc.

Universal KeepSolid ID

Register KeepSolid ID and log in to all KeepSolid products with a double click. You can check and manage your subscriptions in KeepSolid User Office.

Download and Enjoy the Best Free Android Password Manager

If you haven’t made up your mind on the Passwarden subscription, check out a 7-day free trial. You can explore the best Android password manager on an unlimited number of devices and share your items with other people. Standard features of the free version are still available: you can manage as many items as you want and not bother about their security.

FAQ on Using Android Password Manager App

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Explore the benefits of the best free Android password manager app on Android with Passwarden

Passwarden by KeepSolid is a perfect solution for those who appreciate their time and personal information security.