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  • Only one password to remember
  • Secure storage for any sensitive info
  • Generator of complex & unique passwords
  • Unlimited devices per one account

Are you looking for the best password manager for Chrome? You’ve already found it! Add our Chrome password manager extension to your browser and explore a secure and convenient way of storing, managing, and sharing your sensitive information!

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Reasons to Get Started with Our Password Manager for Chrome

To remember dozen of different passwords

It’s no matter how long and complex your passcodes are if you reuse them across several accounts. In case, any hacker gets lucky to guess your password from one website, they probably try the same password for other apps and services.

Not to get in a big trouble by reusing your passcodes, we highly recommend you set up strong different passwords for different accounts. Our best Chrome password manager extension is here to remember all your passwords! Save them to the Passwarden storage and always have data within your arm’s reach.

To generate strong passcodes in a matter of seconds

Get started with our password manager for Chrome, generate unique passwords without any hassle, and instantly save them to top-notch data storage.

How to create a strong password with Chrome password manager:

  1. Go to the Password Generator page.
  2. Decide whether you need capitals, digits, or symbols.
  3. Select the desired password length.
  4. Click the copy icon to copy the already generated passcode!

Great! You also can generate passwords directly in the Passwarden extension.

To store more than just logins and account credentials

Apart from account credentials (passwords, logins, email details, and software licenses), top Chrome password managers allow storing personal info (ID card, passport, driver’s license, contacts, SSN), payment data (credit/debit card, bank account), and secure notes.

How to Manage Google Chrome Passwords with Passwarden

Download Chrome password manager extension to your browser

Create KeepSolid ID (if you haven’t yet) and Master password

Save your credentials to secure storage & easily autofill them

If you need any help with our password manager for Chrome, please check out the Manuals page or contact our customer support team via [email protected].

Protect Your Data with Our Password Chrome Extension

Encryption strength

Is Chrome password manager extension safe? Yes! 

Firstly, to provide a high speed of cipher and decipher, Passwarden implements Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit key length or AES 256-bit for short. 

Secondly, to make sure no one can access your data while sharing vaults, our password manager for Chrome applies the ЕС р-384 protocol

And finally, thanks to the client-side encryption, only scrambled data leaves the user's device. By combining the above-mentioned security measures, Passwarden reliably safeguards your data and prevents any unauthorized access to it.

Master password

This password is required to access your Chrome password manager extension storage. Also, it plays a crucial role in the data scrambling process. Master password ciphers random encryption keys that are generated in your Chrome browser at the time you set up Master Password. These encryption keys, in their turn, are used to scramble in-app information. As a result, Passwarden produces a set of random characters that cannot be recognized as valid data.

To top it off, even the KeepSolid employees have no access to your Master Password.

Two-factor authentication

Protect your Passwarden profile by enabling two-factor authentication. How exactly does 2FA safeguard your account? Let’s figure it out together! 2FA provides two different types of authentication: your Master passwords (that can be brute-forced or guessed) and one-time passcode (that is impossible to predict or falsify). Thus, it becomes much more complicated for unauthorized third parties to gain access to your Chrome password manager extension account and in-app data.

Check our manual on how to turn on two-factor authentication and keep both your Passwarden profile and all valuable data safe!

Features of Our Chrome Password Manager 

Storage for any data

Store any kind of data: passwords, account credentials, personal information, payment details, and secure notes.

Password generator

Create complex passcodes in a matter of seconds and save them to Passwarden storage without much ado!

Duress Mode

Protect your most important information even if someone makes you open your Chrome password manager storage under duress.

Universal KeepSolid ID

Use one account to access all KeepSolid’s security and productivity solutions and get a personal control center to manage all your subscriptions.

Family subscription

Invite your family members to Passwarden storage and protect your family’s data from any unauthorized access!

Data migration

Easily import data from browsers and other sources and get started with our Chrome password manager extension without any hassle.

Defend Against Phishing Using Our Best Chrome Password Manager

Our best Google Chrome password manager reliably protects users from phishing attacks. How? Each time you save or update your account credentials, Passwarden automatically remembers not only sign-in data but also the URL addresses.

Next time you visit this site our Chrome password manager extension suggests appropriate account credentials. Hence, as the URL address of the phishing site differs from the original URL, Passwarden doesn’t suggest any credentials to autofill.

Of course, you may have no passwords to autofill or the website could block the autofill option. However, it could be a signal that you’re on a phishing website.

FAQ on Using Chrome Password Manager

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