Why You Should Use Unique Passwords for Different Accounts

Protecting personal information is one of the cornerstones of today’s cybersecurity. The first wall of protection of our sensitive data is our passwords. Go on reading to learn more about how to protect your contacts, logins, bank credentials, etc.


Can you use the same strong password for different accounts?


Are you one of the many people who create a strong password and use it for almost every website, service, and application? Well, that’s a bad idea. When you set a strong password for all your accounts you make them vulnerable to brute-force attacks.


Using the same combination of characters for more than one account is one of the fastest ways to provide hackers and cybercriminals with access to your digital identity. For instance, 10-character password cracking may take more than 20 years. Checking if an already stolen password is used for several services will take less than half an hour. Thus, it becomes obvious that it’s better to use different passwords for different accounts.

How to Create a Unique and Strong Password

When you register on any site or create a new account in the application, you may notice that the password requirements are very similar. Typically, they are:


  • At least 8 characters
  • Upper & lowercase letters
  • Numbers and symbols
  • Not commonly used words


These requirements are basic ones and should be followed by default.

Want to make your password unique and difficult for hackers to crack? Sure, here is our checklist on how to create a strong password.

Note: This checklist also includes the requirements mentioned above.


Create unique passwords

Don’t reuse your passwords. Create a unique and strong combination of characters for every account or login you have. Thus, if your password would be compromised, your other accounts stay safe. Different passwords for different accounts will save you a lot of time and keep you away from worries.

But how to manage passwords for different accounts? How can you remember thousands of different usernames and combinations? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to remember dozens of strong passwords.

Avoid personal info

With a 90% probability, cybercriminals will firstly try your name, surname, birth date, hobby, or any other private information they can find on the web as your password. Your grandmother's pet's first name may seem like a secure code because no one can guess or find it on your Facebook. But it's often not enough, especially if its name is widely used. So it’s better to use a combination of characters randomly generated by our password generator.

Use two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security. Even if any hacker gets lucky to crack your password, they couldn’t bypass 2FA. We highly recommend you to check if the applications and services that you used have two-factor authentication and enable it. In combination with unique passcodes, your account becomes extremely secure.

For more information about 2FA, see the Two-Factor Authentication page.

Change your passwords every 6 months

Each password has its own cracking time. For example, a 12-character combination could be cracked in 3 years. It means, if hackers have enough time, they can crack any password, no matter how strong it is. That’s why we strongly recommend you change all your passcodes at least twice a year. So, even the most secure and unique passwords have to be changed after some period of time.

Use different passwords for different accounts!

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How to Manage Passwords for Different Accounts

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Top-notch data storage

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Unique passwords generator

Using different passwords for different accounts requires a large number of created combinations. Create strong and unique combinations for each new account with no hassle. With Passwarden you can generate complex passwords that are impossible-to-crack. To do that, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open your Passwarden profile.
  2. Create a new item or select an existing one.
  3. Press the Generate password button.
  4. Select password length.
  5. Decide whether you need uppercase, numbers, or characters.
  6. Click Use Password and that’s it.

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