Best Way to Keep Data Safe with Duress Mode

One of today’s topical issues is protecting personal information and identity on the web. But how to keep your data safe online? What is the best way to keep your data safe and secure? Passwarden provides a set of features that make your online routine protected. Go on reading to learn more about encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, Duress Mode, and other essential features to keep your data safe online.

When You Need a Duress Mode to Protect Your Data

So as we are on the same page, Duress Mode is a Passwarden security feature that allows you to hide passwords and other valuable information from any unauthorized or forced access. This mode displays only the data that you have previously marked and hides all other information.

Keep your data private while crossing borders

The most common situation when the Duress Mode can help you is related to the airports and border crossing posts. Sometimes border officials can require access to your data and devices for no apparent reason. They also can request you unlock your applications, social accounts, or even password manager. Luckily, Passwarden has the Duress Mode feature. It is the best way to keep data safe, as you can hide all your valuable data beforehand and be ready for such situations.

Protect your info if someone suspicious is nearby

Going to open your password manager and notice someone watching you or crowding over you too closely? Well, it could be a coincidence. But you can’t be too careful. If you extremely need some passwords that are also stored in the Duress Mode, it’s better to unlock Passwarden with your Duress Password. If your suspicions are correct and the stranger’s goal is your passwords, you manage to keep them safe.

Ensure your data safe when you are under duress

The integrity and confidentiality of your passwords are undoubtedly important, but nothing is more important than your safety. So if someone makes you unlock your password manager under duress, say Yes and use your Duress password to hide all your sensitive data.

Hope you'll never experience that. Anyway, it’s much better to be a person who is ready for such situations. With Duress Mode, you can be that person.

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Why Passwarden Is the Best Way to Keep Data Safe

Data encryption

Passwarden is the best way to keep data secure online because of the military-grade AES-256 and bulletproof EC p-384 encryption protocols implemented in the app. Our solution reliably scrambles all your information and guarantees the integrity of the passwords and other sensitive info. What is more, Passwarden provides client-side end-to-end encryption. It means that any third parties will not be able to read to personal data even if they get lucky to intercept your data.

Password sharing

With Passwarden it is easy to share your personal information online in the most secure manner. Now you can safely transfer WiFi passwords, account credentials, personal data, and payment details. You don’t need to risk sending your passports details via messenger apps, emails, or undefended cloud services. Passwarden is a reasonable safety measure making the difference between your security and a disaster.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, making it harder to gain access to your Vaults and sensitive data for unauthorized third parties. It is no longer enough to know your password to pass the authentication check! Set up a second type of authentication and ensure nobody breaks into your account. That’s why Passwarden is the best app to keep your data secure and safe. 

Multi-platform software

Passwarden is compatible with all major platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows. It is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox browsers. With our solution, you can easily sync all the information between all your devices and get access to your passwords and documents wherever you need them.

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How to Manage and Use Duress Mode

Follow these step-by-step instructions to enable Passwarden Duress Mode:

  1. Unlock your Passwarden profile and navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap Set Up Duress Password.
  3. Create and confirm your Duress password.
  4. Choose Vaults you want to make visible in the Duress mode.
  5. That’s it. To activate Duress mode sign in with your Duress password.

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