What Is Sharp Corporation

Sharp is a Japanese corporation started back in 1912 by Tokuji Hayakawa. The origin of its name came from their well-recognized invention of the mechanical pencil, "Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil." Today Sharp is a worldwide manufacturer of consumer and industrial electronics: home appliances, audio-visual and communication equipment such as LCD TVs and mobile phones, networked multifunctional office solutions, professional displays, robotics, and energy systems.


Sharp's technology and product development efforts are focused on innovation, quality, and the sustainable use of natural resources, with the goal of improving the quality of everyone's life while also conserving the environment. 


Every Sharp device has a clear setup instruction, including Sharp default password and username. It is very convenient to have these details written down, you will never forget them. Reverse of the coin,  it is totally insecure. Further in this article, we will explain why default credentials must be changed right after the first configuration of devices.

What is the Default Password

The pre-configured passcode for a device is known as the default password. Leaving these passwords not changed poses a serious security risk in many circumstances. The default password of a vendor may be easily found online, either via a search engine or a website.

In most cases, default passwords are meant to be placeholders, and they should only be used during the first configuration of devices or after a factory reset. After entering this passcode, you are normally asked to change it as part of the procedure, although this is not always the case.

In order to reduce the security risks associated with using default passwords, Sharp or any other device owners should change the passcode value to a strong one, using upper/lower case, numbers, symbols.

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FAQ about Passwarden

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Is Passwarden a safe place to store passwords?

Passwarden is the safest password manager for storing all of your sensitive data