Storing Documents Safely and Securely in Passwarden

Looking for the best way to store important documents? You’ve landed in the right place! Our password manager is the most secure document storage. It allows you to save not only passwords but also documents and lots of other valuable information.

Keep reading and figure out where to save important documents? How to store documents safely and securely with Passwarden? What is the best way to send secure documents and be sure of their confidentiality and integrity?

What Types of Important Documents You Can Store

Our secure document storage lets you save your most important documents safely and securely and access these documents whenever you need them.


You can safely store:

  • ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number
  • Other documents using Secure Notes

How Secure our Storage for Documents Is

Passwarden provides you with the highest security level possible. In our secure document storage, we implement the military-grade AES-256 encryption and bulletproof ЕС р-384 protocol. As well, our team implements client-side encryption.

It means all your information is scrambled on your device and becomes unreadable to any unauthorized parties who manage to intercept your internet traffic when sharing or syncing data. With our solution, you won’t worry about your important information integrity. 

Apart from using state-of-art algorithms and top-notch encryption protocols, we envisaged some indirect measures to protect your data before you save it to Passwarden.

Our secure documents storage doesn’t allow you to upload files or attach a scan or photo of your document. We are worried you may forget to delete the source documents after uploading them to the encrypted storage. The impossibility of uploading files to the Passwarden storage protects your data from any unauthorized access if someone gets lucky to unlock your device and you haven't deleted original documents.

Download Passwarden and check out the best way to send secure documents safely!

Our app is the best solution for storing documents safely and securely with no hassle.

Why Passwarden is the Best Way to Store Secure Documents

Two-factor authentication

To safeguard your Passwarden profile, we implement the additional authentication step that ensures no one, except you, can get access to your profile and sensitive data. The main idea of 2FA is to employ two different authentication types: something you know (your KeepSolid ID and Master password) and something you have (one-time code sent to your email address).

More about two-factor authentication, you can read in the article How 2FA helps you to protect your Passwarden account.

Duress mode

This feature is designed for situations where you’re forced to unlock your Passwarden profile under duress. To keep your most sensitive data safe, enter the Duress password instead of your Master one, and Passwarden hides both your private and shared Vaults except those you’ve previously made to be visible. 

To get more information about this security feature, check out the page How to hide your data using the Duress mode.

Secure sharing

Passwarden makes it easy to share your sensitive data with others safely. Our solution is the best way to send secure documents due to top-notch algorithms and client-side encryption protocols. Share your passwords, account logins, credentials, passport, or ID card details without any worries. Go on reading to learn more about how to send important documents.

How and Where to Save Important Documents with Passwarden

It’s a piece of cake! To save your documents to the Passwarden storage, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Unlock your Passwarden profile.
  2. Click the Add New Item button.
  3. Select the appropriate data type.
  4. Choose a Vault you want to store this item in.
  5. Fill in all necessary details and click Save.

That’s it! Now you can be sure your documents are safe and within your arm’s reach.

How to Send Secure Documents to Others

There could be such situations when you need to share your documents. For example, if you are going abroad with your friend, family, or colleagues and one of you buys tickets for all others, you need to share your passport number and full name.

Sending this information via messengers or email is quite dangerous and could have grave consequences if any third parties intercept your traffic. To prevent such cases, we highly recommend you to use an encrypted password manager or secure document storage with a reliable data sharing feature.


To securely share your documents with Passwarden, implement the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Passwarden storage.
  2. Create a Vault you are going to share.
  3. Add the appropriate items to this Vault.
  4. Send invite and choose access rights.

Store and send your data with our secure document storage!

Download Passwarden on your device, save important documents to the secure document storage, and stay sure your valuable data is safely stored in one place, right at your fingertips!