What to Do if You Deleted a Saved Password

While familiar password managers are highly popular across different platforms, there are several obvious downsides in usability and comfort that you can’t ignore. And we’ll consider one popular case.


When you delete a saved password from another password manager, it’s gone forever. Whether you deleted a folder by mistake or intentionally, the service doesn’t give you a chance to recover deleted passwords. And when the app syncs your changes with another device, you can’t get the deleted folder on it as well.


But what if you accidentally deleted an important password you didn’t mean to? Eyes widen, heart skips a beat. It’s happened to us all. But don’t panic! Whether you’ve deleted a saved password, credit card details, a secure note, or any other valuable info, Passwarden lets you recover them all. What is Passwarden trash? How long do items stay there? How to restore items from trash? How to recover a folder that was deleted? How to hide passwords without deleting them? Find it all out below!


Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

How Long Deleted Items Are Stored in Trash

Passwarden Trash is like the recycle bin on your PC. When you remove an item or a vault, they aren’t immediately deleted forever. The item/vault gets to Trash and remains there for up to 90 days. Afterward, the deleted items and vaults are automatically and permanently purged from Trash. But before that, you have a whole 3 months to recover whatever item or vault you need! 

What Items Can You Recover from Trash in Passwarden

Let’s break it down based on the types of vaults available in Passwarden: 

  • Vaults you own: you can recover any of your deleted items or vaults that belong to you.
  • Vaults shared with you. The restoring option depends on your permissions. If the vault’s owner assigned you the Admin or Editor role, you have permission to add and edit items. This includes removing and restoring items, too. Just follow the few easy steps of the below instruction

As a Viewer, you can’t recover items, but you may contact the Vault owner if you need to access a deleted item. 

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How to Recover Deleted Items in the Passwarden App

  1. Open your Passwarden app.
  2. Navigate to Trash.
  3. Find the item or vault you want to restore.
  4. Right-click on it and press Restore.

That’s it! Now, you can find the restored item in the same vault it belonged before. If you’ve restored a vault, it’ll appear in the All Vaults list. 

And do not worry if you deleted a saved password or Vault. You can easily recover it in two clicks. If you need help, you can always ask our customer support via [email protected]. We are always ready to help you to recover your saved or deleted items.

Hide Passwords, Not Delete

Sometimes users want to hide items in their vault. For example, there are cases when you have some older passwords and you don’t know whether you need them in the future or not. And you have two ways to do it.

  • Trash Bin. The first way is to delete your saved passwords to Trash. But you can’t mark them as hidden, and you can accidentally delete them from trash together with some other items. That’s why we recommend you not to delete unnecessary passwords but consider the second way.
  • Archive Vault. The best way to keep old passwords and easily retrieve them when the need arises is to create a special Vault for items like this and call it Archive. Archive Vault will allow you to put items that you no longer use or use very rarely. On whatever platform you use Passwarden you can find your Archive vault and check if you have some old password there. Now you don’t need to delete saved items or folders to hide passwords.

Hide your passwords in Secure Vaults with Duress Mode

With Passwarden you can hide your passwords in Archive Vaults or with Duress Mode. Keep your items safely and securely with our top-notch service.

Duress Mode

Have you ever wanted to hide items kept in your Vaults? Ordinary password managers have no alternatives to deleting those items.

But not Passwarden. Its ultimate feature Duress Mode allows you to hide items you don’t want to show. And, imagine, you don’t need to delete them. Just create a special Duress Password and enter it instead of a Master Password while logging in. Your secret items will be securely hidden.

That’s it, enjoy our top-notch features and stay protected.

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Deleted an important password accidentally? With Passwarden this is not a problem. You can always recover saved passwords or folders from Trash.