Sonicwall and Passwords

Sonicwall is in the business of producing routers, modems and Virtual Private Network hardware for both individuals and business users. Routers by Sonicwall are particularly great for those who use the internet daily and require high-speed and secure connections.


If you enjoy seamless online streaming and online entertainment such as gaming, you want a router that will provide a fast internet connection with zero delays. Sonicwall routers generally consist of one or two omnidirectional antennas, advanced WPA encryption, and 4 LAN ports for Ethernet connections. These features are what makes Sonicwall routers great solutions for online connectivity at home or at work.


What are default passwords? 

To access the Sonicwall router’s control panel, users will be required to use default credentials (username and passcode). A control panel is a place where users can set up wireless encryption, connect various wireless devices to the router, and do other related tasks. The default username for Sonicwall routers is “admin” and the default password is “password”.


Why are default passwords a security risk?

Opting to use a default passcode for your Sonicwall router is a risky move. This is because these credentials can be easily accessed by anyone as they are printed on the bottom of the router. Default passwords are also very predictable as they are generic and pre-configured. They are used repetitively across many different brands and devices. Failure to change your default passcode and username to strong and personalized credentials is a security risk for your device.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Password Security

Most of us have heard of password security before. Passwords/ Passcodes are what keep our accounts and devices safe from unauthorized access.  The importance of using strong passwords and storing them securely is something that many people still take for granted. Some people still create weak passcodes that leave their devices and accounts vulnerable and exposed to hackers. Weak passwords are those that do not meet the following requirement:


  • Good length: consists of 10 or more characters
  • Character combination: A strong passcode has a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, digits, and special characters (!@#$%).
  • Randomized and complex: Uses random phrases that cannot easily be guessed or that seem immaterial.


While we can all agree that creating complex passwords can be a tedious process, we must emphasize that a great passcode manager makes achieving maximum password security a possibility.


What makes Passwarden one of the best passcode managers?

Getting a password manager is the best choice for anyone who wants to secure and effectively manage their passwords. Passwarden is one of the best passcode managers that offer many great security features for you and your loved ones. The main features are the following:

  • AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols: Passwarden uses these protocols to encrypt your stored passwords ensuring that your passwords’ safety is prioritized.
  • Password Generator: With just a few clicks, the password generation feature creates strong passcodes for you in a matter of seconds.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: This feature adds a tight layer of passcode protection. With this feature, the user receives a One-Time-Pin (OTP) on email or authenticator app. This OTP is required to gain access to the Passwarden account.
  • Duress mode feature: This feature comes in handy if you ever find yourself having to share your Master Password under duress. The feature protects your highly important passwords by storing them in Vaults that cannot be accessed using the Master Password, these Vaults can only be accessed using a duress password.


Other features that make Passwarden on the best passcode managers in the market are the following:

  • Data migration feature
  • Secure password sharing
  • Compatibility with different devices

FAQ about Passwarden

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Can I securely share my Passwarden data with other people?

An efficient and reliable password manager is a necessity in the digital age we are living in!

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