What is the Reolink Security Camera

Reolink is a security brand with an impressive line of security cameras: dual-lens, battery-powered, WiFi, etc. The company offers an app that will help you to set up and control all types of cameras. Most of the features are available on all of the Reolink devices. One of the main features is the Livestreaming video. 


  1. You can watch a live feed on your phone from multiple cameras at once without switching the cameras. The Livestream feature interface also allows you to take snaps, record videos, and view recordings.
  2. One more interesting and useful feature is the Two-way audio option. You can speak or listen to people near the camera directly through the device. For this, you will need built-in microphones and speakers, a reliable power source, and a WiFi connection.
  3. Built-in siren and custom voice alerts. You can set each camera to make an audio alarm when motion is detected. Or you can record a custom voice alert (up to 5 seconds long), like "who's there?" or "you should leave." So a delinquent will be startled into retreat.


Other pros:

  • Wireless outdoor cameras
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Excellent video quality
  • Color night vision
  • Smart home integration



  • Some cameras have only basic features
  • Relies on WiFi connection
  • No continuous recording in battery-powered models
  • Solar panel is not included

What Is Reolink Default Password

When setting up a new Reolink camera, you may need a default password and username. Usually, the default credentials are mentioned in the instruction. If you cannot find the default password and username, please use this data:

username - “admin”, password - blank, which means you don’t have to type in the default password field anything.

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other platforms

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The Importance of the Computer’s Security

If your device has a default password anyway, we strongly suggest you change it. Default credentials are usually openly available to make a first set-up process easier. This means that unwanted third parties can get your personal information without any difficulties. Your emails, credit card details, messages, photos, videos - aka your identity - are under the threat. 

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However, we shouldn’t forget that passcode (even a strong one) on its own is not enough to protect your data and prevent it from getting hacked. As the additional measures, never share your credentials through email, messengers, etc. Keep your data in a place with strong encryption. Add extra security layers by setting up 2FA.

FAQ About the Reolink Device

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