How to Securely Share Passwords with Your Team

Nowadays, due to the COVID pandemic, the majority of companies give their employees the freedom to work remotely. To make remote work as productive as in-office work was before, both companies and employees should consider what tools or services they need to work efficiently and communicate with each other better.


Lots of teams may use one login for a particular service, website, or even admin panel. It is a fairly common practice. Since shared credentials may be the key to your organization’s sensitive data, you should not neglect their security. Companies tried to find the best way to share confidential data or passwords with teams and departments. Thus, reliable password managers with a secure data sharing feature become a must-have.


Keep reading and figure out what is the best password manager for business and how to share passwords with teams, securely send credentials from the company accounts, corporation email, version control systems, and whatnot.

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Why avoid sending credentials via messengers or email

Most likely, you used to send passwords to your teammates without any encryption or signature protection. Someone even provides the name of the service, login, and password in the same message. It looks like: Hey, here are the credentials of the site's admin panel. Login:... Password:...

Sure, it is not the best way to share passwords with the team. In doing so, you assist attackers in stealing your data. If any third parties intercept your or your colleagues’ internet traffic, they can easily access the password and use it to their advantage. Please, don’t do that again.

Of course, you can delete or edit the password as soon as your teammate copies it, but that provides no guarantees - an attacker can intercept the password when it comes across the internet.

If you ask how to share passwords with the team and avoid password breaches and unexpected data leaks, we will answer that the best way to share passwords with the team is to use top-notch password managers with a reliable data sharing feature.

Why Passwarden is the best way to share passwords for your business

Ability to store any data type

Our best password manager for business allows you to store not only passwords but also software licenses, login credentials, and other valuable information. Passwarden provides more than 10 different data types that are split into 4 categories:

  • Account (password, login, software license, email account, WiFi password)
  • Personal info (ID card, passport, driver’s license, contacts, SSN)
  • Payments (credit/debit card, bank account)
  • Secure notes 

Top-notch data encryption

Passwarden provides reliable AES-256 and ЕС р-384 encryption protocols. As well, our top-notch password manager for business implements client-side encryption. It means the shared information is only visible to you and your teammates. Even if any unauthorized user should be able to intercept shared data, they won’t manage to decipher it. Thus, you won’t worry about your information integrity and security. 

Different access rights

Passwarden by KeepSolid provides 3 different permission levels: Admin, Editor, and Viewer. Don’t want your teammates to change any passwords? Select the Viewer access rights, and they get read-only access. Want particular users to have the ability to make some changes in the shared Vault? All you need is to set an Editor access. And you, as a shared Vault owner, have Admin access.

How to share passwords with team securely

It is a piece of cake! Follow a few simple steps and ensure that your passwords and other valuable data are secure from the sticky fingers of hackers and other cyber malefactors. Sharing passwords with the team has never been easier.

  1. Create a Vault you are going to share.
  2. Add the appropriate items to this Vault.
  3. Send invites to your teammates and choose their access rights.

Now wait until your colleagues accept your invitation, and that’s it! That is the best way to share passwords with the team.

To get more information on how to share Vault with others in our free team password manager check out our comprehensive guide.

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Benefits of using Passwarden as your team password manager

Data migration

Data migration tool allows exporting a large number of items from other browsers or password managers into Passwarden. You don’t need to copy-paste all the passwords and credentials into your team password manager manually. 

Autofill option

The autofill option helps with authorization in services, websites, or even admin panels used by your team. You don’t have to remember logins and passwords, our password manager for business will assist you.  

Password generation

Password generation tool allows you to create strong combinations of characters right in the team password manager. And with the autofill option, it becomes a great combo. Secure and user-friendly. 

Passwords sharing

With Passwarden you can share passwords and items securely for your business. After you buy a subscription, you can open your vaults to other team members and share your items securely.

FAQ on our Best Password Manager for Business

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