What Is a LinkedIn Password Breach and How To Prevent It

What is a LinkedIn Password Breach?


A LinkedIn password breach or data breach is an incident that happens to unprotected networks. A LinkedIn password breach means that your data, personal and sensitive information were stolen and taken, giving unauthorized users or hackers access to your account and all the information that must be kept private for your security. This often happens due to weak and easy to crack passwords.

Why You Should Keep Your LinkedIn Account Protected


LinkedIn is a network that connects professionals from all over the world. It can be used to look for job offers in any city or country. Through this network, people can build professional relations with each other and exchange ideas about their professions. It also helps fresh graduates in learning more about the job market and the required skills.


While creating a profile on LinkedIn, you will have to add a lot of personal information about yourself such as your address, your degrees, your skills, your phone number, etc… If you do not use a strong password, a LinkedIn password breach could occur. If it happens, all your information will be exposed which might lead to identity theft, fraud, and data scraping. Keeping your LinkedIn secured is important for your safety and to preserve your reputation on this professional network. The reason why is that hackers could steal your information and impersonate you, which could harm your profile.

What are Strong Passwords?


Using familiar, short, and easy passcodes is what people who have trouble memorizing them resort to. However, a weak passcode cannot keep you safe and protected from all the threats on the internet. A strong password is a better option. Its length and complexity will ensure the safety of all your accounts and personal information. It can be harder to remember, but for that, you can use a password manager app such as Passwarden to store it. Here are some tips to come up with a good strong password:


  1. Make sure that the passcode is at least 12 characters long. Long passcodes are harder to hack.
  2. Make sure the passcode is complex. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.
  3. Do not use personal information such as your name or your birthday as a passcode. Avoid using simple combinations such as “ABCDE”.
  4. Choose one password for each account. Never use the same passcode for more than one account on the internet.

Keep your accounts safe with Passwarden

other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

How to Update Your Passwords in Passwarden?


Storing your passwords in a password manager application such as Passwarden is an amazing idea since it will guarantee your safety. By storing your passcodes in a safe place, you will be preventing data loss that might happen due to a LinkedIn password breach for example. Here is how to do so:


1. Go to your Passwarden account and use your master password to access it

2. Tap on the item you want to edit such as LinkedIn 

3. Click on Edit

4. Add your new passcode in the field

5. Tap on Save

How to Generate Passwords with Passwarden?


Passwarden also has an option to generate strong passwords that will protect your data. It will use a combination of letters and numbers to create complex passwords. Passcodes generated by Passwarden will protect your accounts and sensitive information. Here is how you can generate passwords:


1. Go to your account and use your master password.


2. Click on the item you desire to generate a password for such as LinkedIn.


3. Tap on Edit.

MyHeritage Password Breach

4. Click on Generate a Password.

5. Turn on the button for digits and numbers.

6. Choose the desired length.

Generate password using Passwarden

7. Tap on Use Password.

8. Confirm the new passcode.

The Benefits of Passwarden

Passwarden is a password manager application. Its main purpose is to keep your data safe and protected from a password breach and unauthorized users on the internet. It has a lot of features that will facilitate the process of surfing the internet all while keeping you and your data safe.


Share your passcodes safely


You can create a shared vault in which you and other members can share and add all sorts of data. This way is safer than sending sensitive information via emails.

Storage for your data


In this app you can store your payment details, account credentials, and personal information. Also, there is a “security note” in which you can store any information or text that you want to protect.

Generate strong passwords


This app can generate strong and complex passcodes so that you do not have to. Passcodes are their speciality and they know exactly what to do to keep your accounts safe.

Autofill option


That will save you from the trouble of memorizing passcodes. By linking all your accounts to the app, you can activate the autofill feature and you will not have to remember them.

Security protocols


You can share your passwords as well as use the same account on different devices all while staying safe. You can also benefit from its top-notch data encryption policy. Passwarden uses different encryption protocols that will prevent data loss and a password breach by keeping them stored safely.

Benefit from Passwarden’s security feature now!