How to Change Steam Password

Let’s see how to change your Steam password. Check the precise steps in this article.


How to change Steam password


1. Open the Steam application


2. Click the menu and choose Settings from the drop-down menu

3. Click the Change Password button.


4. A second dialog box will open, asking you how you would like to change.

5. Click Email an account verification code. 


6. Enter this code. Finally, submit your new one choice twice into the form fields and click Change Password. 

How to reset Steam password


1. Open the application.


2. Push the “I CAN’T SIGN IN”.

3. Choose I Forgot my Steam Account name.


4. Write your mail or number.

5. Push the SELECT button and choose your account.



7. Enter and re-enter the new one, then click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button.

The Great Benefits of the Passwarden for Steam


Steam is a digital game distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation in 2003. You can buy the game you want to buy online from the application by opening a Steam account, or you can download the game directly if the game is free. Steam, which has been on the market for over 19 years and has taken over the distribution rights of many important games in recent years, stores the games completely digitally and does not send you any cassettes or CDs. Passwarden offers you a secure entry to this appreciated platform and a harmless atmosphere when changing your Steam password.


Using today's technology to the fullest, Passwarden offers you a very high level of security service. Take full advantage of these services and make your internet experience very safe. Also, there are plenty of extra components, such as duress mode or master password, that are offered in this service. As you may expect, we offer astonishingly sophisticated protection methods in the solution. Many of our programs use very professional or even military-grade systems, and they are updated on a regular schedule. Thanks to these great advantages, thousands of customers are all around the world use this great solution. The Passwarden application which provides velocity and protection for you will create a great milieu when change the Steam password, in fewer words it will change your online practice. For more details, you may try our website /.


The Gains of Using Passwarden:


  • Never lose the speed at these modern ages, always be fast when working
  • Gaming needs strategy and precision while using Steam, our app will assist you well with the astonishing autofill feature!
  • Collect and transfer the passwords by the cloud and do not mind anything when changing Steam password.
  • Do not reveal the data and critical info to the hackers when changing your Steam password.

Life is easy when changing your Steam password!

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

Protection is our essential issue


Now computers take us all to different universes, some of them will take you to the game world and maybe to the metaverse. Steam is a great platform that we all enjoy using, but it also contains danger because we enter a lot of information. We have to be cautious on this site where we load our card info, location, and identity. For example, when changing the Steam password, you are close to a great menace because thieves often attempt to steal your data. Passwarden is here!  


The Passwarden’s proposals:

  • Great autofill method
  • Arbitrary passwords that can be used while changing Steam passwords!
  • Duress Mode
  • Master Password Feature

Passwarden produces a “haven” for you

The concept we call security has to be inclusive. So, a security procedure that leaves out certain elements does not offer strong security because it is easy to pass such security! For this reason, we allow you to use Passwarden with all your devices with a single account. In this way, you can enjoy both freedom and security to the fullest when changing your Steam password.

Yes, we are different, but why?

Safety is demanding, we know that!

Many internet experts and researchers say that the internet contains more dangers than you might imagine. We are aware of this, and we set up our systems accordingly. We give you a very high level of service with an amazing application that you can use with confidence.

1 account for all

For your security, you should change your password frequently. All apps say this, but it doesn't say if you are safe while doing this. But we are aware of all the dangers, and we offer you a truly solid service and invite all your devices. Changing your Steam password is much safer and easier.

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