How to Change Lock Screen Password on iOS and Android

Many tend to use lock screen passwords that are extremely easy to guess. A Face ID or Touch ID is a good security check but a weak passcode may be a security flaw. Whenever Face or Touch ID aren’t identified or when you recharge your phone and start it up you should enter your lock screen password before you can enable biometric security. 


An easily guessable passcode is a weak spot that may let others gain access to your phone and everything you have on it, including bank accounts, emails, chats, and other private information. So, if your lock screen password is something like 1111, 1234, or the like, make sure to change it as soon as possible. See our step-by-step instructions on how to do it below.


How to Change iPhone Lock Screen Password


1. Open your iPhone Settings.

2. Scroll down to Face ID & Passcode and tap on it.

Face ID & Passcode settings on iPhone

If you have an older iPhone or iPad with Touch ID, find the option Touch ID & Passcode

3. Enter your current passcode when prompted.

Enter passcode to change iPhone lock screen password

4. Scroll down to Change Passcode.

iPhone Change Passcode button in Settings

5. Enter your current passcode again.

6. You’ll then be prompted to set your new passcode. Before you enter it, you can tap on the Passcode Options button. There, you can choose between the following options:

  • Custom Alphanumeric Code  - it’s like a password with numbers, letters, and symbols
  • Custom Numeric Code - a code with numbers that can be of any length
  • 4-Digit Numeric Code - as the name implies, it’s a 4-digit code containing numbers. If you care about security, we’d recommend you to choose longer options
Passcode options button on iPhone
How to change iPhone Lock Screen password - Passcode options

7. Enter your new lock screen password and verify it. If they match, the new password will be saved automatically. Next time, use your new lock screen password to unlock your iPhone. 


As far as you’ve created a strong lock screen password, you need to keep it somewhere safe. Our reliable password manager - Passwarden - is a perfect solution. It is available for all major platforms, so even if you can’t remember the lock screen password to your iPhone, you can retrieve your password from the Passwarden app on any other device.  

With Passwarden, you can also generate a secure password in just a few clicks, so you don’t have to wrack your brains by coming up with a strong password combination by yourself.

How to Change Lock Screen Password on Android Phone


1. Go to your phone’s Settings

2. Navigate to the option Lock screen.

In case you can’t find the Lock screen, check out the support site of your phone manufacturer for help.

Android settings Lock Screen

3. Scroll down to Passwords & security.

Android Passwords & Security

4. On the Passwords & security screen, select the option Screen lock.

Android Passwords & security: Screen lock

5. Enter your current pin or password. 

6. Choose the pin or password option and follow the on-screen instructions to set a new secure screen lock for your Android device. 

Change screen lock on Android

Once done, add the new lock screen password to your Passwarden password manager.

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How to Add Your Lock Screen Password to Passwarden


1. Sign in to your Passwarden app.

2. To create a new item, press the Add item button and choose the necessary item, for example, Login.

3. Type the Title like Lock Screen Password or Passcode.

4. Fill out the Password field and tap Save.

That’s it! Your Lock Screen Password is now stored in the Passwarden’s secure vault.

Reasons to Get Started with the Passwarden Password Manager

To store more than just passwords and account credentials

Apart from account credentials (passwords and logins), most password managers allow storing personal data (ID card, passport, driver’s license, contacts, SSN, etc.), payments info (credit/debit card details, bank accounts), and secure notes to store any kind of data.

To be sure your data is safe and at your arms reach

Passwarden reliably scrambles all your in-app data with the military-grade AES-256 and bulletproof EC p-384 encryption protocols. What is more, Passwarden implements the client-side end-to-end encryption. As a result, only encrypted data leaves your device. Thus, no third parties can decrypt your data (even if they get lucky to intercept it on the way to the cloud server).

Protect your phone with a strong lock screen password

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