Kaspersky password manager compared to Passwarden

With so many internet users today, the web has become a crime hotspot. Every day, average internet users are made vulnerable to cybercrime. The number one way through which users are targeted is via their passwords. This is why it has become essential to use a password manager. However, with all the options available, choosing one that is best suited for you can be a daunting task.


If you are looking for an alternative password manager to Kaspersky, we have one for you! Read this article to find out why Passwarden is the best solution for password security.

Comparison: Kaspersky vs Passwarden



kaspersky password manager


Data encryption AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols AES-256
Two-factor authentication
Password Generator
Vulnerability checker
Password sharing
Document of storage
Trial Full-featured 7-day trial No trial available
Rating: 5 4.5

What is Kaspersky?

Kaspersky is a famous well-known brand for its antivirus software. The company has recently expanded its service by creating its own password manager. 


Kaspersky offers its users all the most basic features that one needs in a password manager. The service is generally affordable in comparison to others, and Kaspersky does offer a free version with limited features. The affordability of Kaspersky makes it appealing to users on a budget. However, the free version is limited as it only allows users to save 15 pieces of information, be those logins, documents, or notes.


Two-factor authentication 

Security-wise, Kaspersky does not have two-factor authentication set up by default. However, this can be activated. It is expected these days for managers to have this feature built it. Two-factor authentication means that you will have to verify your information twice before gaining access to your stored information. 


Vulnerability checker 

Kaspersky has a password strength checking feature. This feature lets you know if any of your passwords have been leaked, and tells you how strong your passwords are. In addition, it ranks your passwords in terms of which most urgently need to be changed. When you want to change these, Kaspersky’s password generation feature comes in handy.



The biggest disadvantage of Kaspersky is its lack of sharing features. Kaspersky does not allow you to share your login information with other users. This can make it tedious to access important work-related documents. 


Overall, this manager provides its users with all the basic requirements at a semi-affordable price. However, its lack of extensive features makes it unappealing to those who need a manager that can do it all.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

What Passwarden can offer you

Passwarden is one of the best password managers currently available on the market. Its extensive security features make Passwarden worth it.

When it comes to security, Passwarden employs some of the latest and most effective protocols available today. AES-256 symmetric protocol provides you with a high level of both encryption and decryption. ЕС р-384 on the other hand is used for public-key encryption.

To provide you with the level of security you expect from a password manager, we have two-factor authentication. This assures you that your data is protected from unauthorized access. We offer two types of two-factor authentication, these are via Authentic App or by email code.

A strong and reliable password can protect from cybercrime. Our Security Dashboard runs a vulnerability check on your passwords, it lets you know how strong they are and will notify you immediately if they are leaked via a data breach. Passwarden let you know if any of your passwords are weak, reused, or expiring. Our built password generator will help you change your vulnerable passwords to a new and strong one in seconds.

In comparison to Kaspersky, Passwarden’s most striking feature is its password sharing. Since password sharing is common in the workplace, it is best to be able to share your private information securely using a password manager.

Passwarden allows for sharing on our family plan, as well as, our business plan. With Passwarden, you can set up a Shared Vault and allow selected users to access it. You can store the passwords you wish to share in this vault, and store everything else privately. Passwarden makes it easy to add and remove user access from Vaults.

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