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What to Do if You Forgot Your Master Password

Using a password manager app is an effective way to store and protect your passwords and other sensitive information like credit cards, secure notes, etc. A trusted password manager with a Master Password stores all your data in encrypted form. 


Passwarden is one of such password managers. It protects your personal information from any third parties, even Passwarden employees. Your private details are securely locked behind biometric identification and a single Master Password, which only you know and which is the only password you need to remember. 


But what if you lost or forgot your Master Password? Unlike most other apps, you can’t just click the Forgot password button and get an email with a password reset link. With password manager apps, it’s a bit more complicated. What to do if you no longer know your Master Password? Does it mean access to your data is lost forever? What is a Recovery Key? Find it all out below!

Why We Can't Reset Your Master Password

As Passwarden applies client-side encryption technology, both encryption and decryption processes occur locally on your device, not on our servers. This means that all your data reaches our servers in the encrypted form only. So we don’t have access to any of your sensitive information, including your Master Password. You can learn more on the Passwarden  Security page.

For this reason, it’s impossible for our customer support to reset your Master Password if you forgot it. But does it mean that you’ll lose access to your data forever if you no longer know your Master Password? Absolutely not! There is a backdoor – your Recovery Key.

What is Master Password Recovery Key

Recovery Kit is your emergency key to unlock Passwarden if you lost or forgot your Master Password. It contains the following information:


  • Sign-in address: The URL you can use to access your account.
  • Email address: The email address of your Passwarden account.
  • Recovery key: A unique one-time code, which lets you set a new Master Password.
  • Recovery code: A QR code for setting a new Master Password. 

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How to Keep a Recovery Key

Passwarden is the perfect Master Password App with a simple recovery process. But it is applied only in cases when you are the owner of the account. With our master password manager, nobody will be able to get access to your sensitive data without a Recovery Key. 

Recovery Key is automatically generated once you create your Master Password. You can save it in different ways:

  • save your Recovery Key to your USB flash drive
  • save your Recovery Key to a .txt or .doc file
  • print the Recovery Key

We highly recommend keeping your Recovery Key somewhere safe – without it, there’s no other way to regain access to your Passwarden account if you forgot it.

How to Use Recovery Key to Set a New Master Password

Here’s what you need to do if you forgot your Master Password: 


Use your Recovery Key:

  1. Open your Passwarden app and click Sign in with recovery key. 
  2. Enter your Recovery Key.
  3. Create and confirm your new Master Password.

Use your QR-code:

  1. Scan the QR-code from your Recovery Kit. 
  2. On the sign-in screen, enter your email, KeepSolid ID password, and click Next.
  3. Create and confirm your new Master Password.

FAQ on Our Password Manager App

1. How to create a Master Password?

When you log in the first time, you will be offered to create a KeepSolid ID and a Master Password. These are the two main credentials you should remember to get access to your Vaults and Items. Your Master Password must contain at least 8 characters, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters. This is a guarantee that your password will not be hacked by a brute force attack. 


2. How to use biometric credentials in Passwarden?

To allow using biometric credentials to unlock Passwarden, you should go to Settings > Security > Unblock with biometric credentials. Then you will be prompted to enter your Master Password and confirm your fingerprint or Face ID. Voila, you are allowed to authenticate our app with your biometrics. 


3. What to do if something goes wrong? Who can help me with a password manager?

If you face any issues or have any questions about our password manager don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support via [email protected]. Our team is always ready to help you. 

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