Importance of Having a ZyXEL Router

ZyXEL routers fulfill the needs for customers to have fast, seamless, efficient bandwidth and connectivity that is always online. The efficiency of the routers ensures that when working remotely, you are not hindered due to slow internet speed. The fast speed and a stable connection ensure that online entertainment such as streaming shows or playing games is being enjoyed. These are some of the many reasons why having a ZyXEL router is important.


What is the ZyXEL default password? 

Like many other devices, routers sometimes need to be reset. You may need to reset your router to clear an error or to simply go back to the original router settings. To do this, you will need to log in to the ZyXEL router web interface using your username and your password. The majority of ZyXEL routers have default passwords and a default username. The ZyXEL default password is “1234” and the default username is “admin”.


While it is easy to remember these default credentials, it is not a secure option to pick. The reason is that the ZyXEL default password and username are pre-configured for all ZyXEL routers. This means that if you do not change these default credentials, anyone can have access to your router and be able to change or reconfigure settings as they please without your consent. To increase the router’s security, it is the responsibility of the user to change the router passcode to a more secure and strong one.

Requirements of a Strong Password

It is a necessary effort to make to protect your devices by using a strong passcode. Requirements of a strong password are stated below:

  1. High Complexity: To achieve this requirement, ensure that your passcode uses a combination of letters (low and uppercase), numbers, and symbols. The more different characters you use, the more complex and harder to crack your password becomes especially for third parties.
  2. Low Predictability: To achieve this, you must ensure that you use as random tricks as possible to come up with a strong password. You must not use things that can be associated with you to create a passcode. These include things such as names, dates and even phrases that you like using.
  3. A high number of characters: To achieve a strong password, you must ensure that it is long. It must contain a minimum of 10 characters. Longer passwords have been known to be hard to figure out. Be as intentional as possible about making your passcode hard to guess.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

What Is the Password Manager’s Role?

While trying to create a strong password is a good cyber security practice, if you make your passcode too complex, it may be difficult for you to remember it. Moreover, you may be tempted to write your passcode down on a piece of paper as an attempt to keep it secure. It is therefore very important to have a password manager as a more effective and safe way of storing passwords. A password manager does more than just store your passcodes, it helps you generate passcodes and manage them.


Due to the many incredible features that Passwarden has, it is the best password manager to use for optimum security. The following features make Passwarden the most secure and reliable password manager.


The Cyber Security Dashboard: This feature helps you to check how vulnerable your credentials are. It gives you detailed information about which of your passwords are weak, exposed or expired. It also shows you which of your passcodes have been reused. It is an important cyber security solution to use for being safe online.


Secure Passwords Sharing: With Passwarden, you can create a Vault and add passwords you want to share with others. You can then share this vault by adding the email addresses of people you wish to share the vault with. This is the most secure way of sharing your passcodes because you can remove email addresses whenever you wish to stop sharing your passwords.


Data Encryption: Passwarden uses the military-grade AES-256 and bulletproof EC p-384 encryption protocols to ensure the integrity of your stored passcodes. To prevent unauthorized third-party access to your data, Passwarden uses end-to-end encryption so that your data is only ever visible to you.


There are many other benefits that support Passwarden as the best passcode manager for all your devices.

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