How To Protect Your Ubiquiti Device With Password Safety

Ubiquiti, founded in 2003, is an American technology company. The company is based in New York. Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products and wired products using many brand names, its products are sold to both enterprises and households.


The UniFi Enterprise Wi-Fi System is the access point solution for enterprises, it’s designed to be scalable, as well as easy to deploy and manage. While UniFi AP (Access Point) indoor models have a neat design and can be mounted to a ceiling tile or wall.


The company also manufactures devices that are a combination of home wireless mesh network router and access point called AmpliFi as its consumer-level product.


What is the Default Password?

The default password is part of the login details you will be asked to enter when you access a device or a service for the first time. Normally it’s provided and you can find it in the instruction manual that comes with the product, most of the time, you will find it printed on the device. The default login details are usually simple ones, for example the name of the product. However, in some cases, some products may come with unique passphrases, and you will find them printed on a sticker or on a separate paper.


One thing you should remember about the default passphrase is always changed it after finishing setting up! If you don’t do that, you are putting your cyber safety at risk because attackers may access your devices using default login details that are shared.


What is the Ubiquiti AP Default Password and How Can You Change It?

The Ubiquiti AP default password (and for many other Ubiquiti products) has always been:


Username: ubnt 

Password: ubnt


The Ubiquiti default password would be used when accessing the unit via SSH. If the Ubiquiti AP has not been previously set up and only if you are connecting via SSH, you could always use the Ubiquiti AP default password.


When you are setting up your Ubiquiti AP for the first time and you are using the Ubiquiti Controller Software to manage the AP, you will be asked to create a username and password of your own, and if you don’t specify a passphrase when adding new locations or new access points, it will generate a passphrase automatically. Later you can find this in the UniFi Software Dashboard, there you could open the settings page and view or edit your username and password.

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How to Keep Your Password Safe?

You must have heard from so many people or many articles that are stressing on the importance of password security, but how can you do it? Here are some tips:


  • Create strong passwords. Initially, creating a strong passphrase will save you lots of trouble, what is a strong one? Generally speaking, a passphrase with the length between 8 to 20 characters and a combination of characters, symbols, numbers is considered good.
  • Create different passwords for different platforms. Again, this is something everyone is aware of, but sometimes people are just too lazy to think of different passphrases and continue to use the same one. It’s utterly unsafe this way because if you do that, ALL your accounts become vulnerable.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication. This is an efficient way to help elevate your data safety, you can find this option in your account setting or in your password management tool, such as in Passwarden, the most secure and efficient tool to keep your credentials safe.
  • Use a professional password management tool. A professional tool like Passwarden can help you generate, store, and protect your passwords. With this tool, you don’t need to worry about creating new passwords, remembering different login details across different platforms anymore, it also includes many other amazing security features for you to rest assured about your web safety.

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