How To Protect Your Toshiba Device With Password Safety

Toshiba, as a pioneer and high-end technology developer in many fields, offers many products and services to its users. One of the most admired of these is its high-tech and versatile printers and the other one e-Studio router. These Toshiba devices are suitable for professional use. Whatever the size of your company, Toshiba offers a wide selection of routers and printers to help you work more efficiently.


Toshiba Default Password

No matter how high-end and secure devices Toshiba Printers and e-studio are, they are vulnerable to some threats. Because as every device that is integrated into the system from outside, it would be easier for an outsider to infiltrate these devices. Therefore, the security of these Toshiba devices and e-studio routers should be prioritized. 

The first step of this security process is to change the default password of the device. This code is determined by Toshiba developers. It is the same on all devices and can be easily found on the internet. If you do not change this default password, malicious users can easily change your device's settings and achieve your personal data or confidential papers. Let’s see what are Toshiba's default password and username:


Default username – “admin” 

Default code – “123456” 


We need passwords and usernames for many devices and services, like the Toshiba printers and routers. Since it is better not to use the default password,  try to change all of them if it is possible.


The Way to Deal With All of These Passwords

However, it is getting harder and harder to deal with these passwords, because their numbers are now reaching hundreds or even more. Some users choose a single password and use it for every account and service, but this is a very wrong practice because if this code is seen by someone else, all your accounts are at risk. Or some of the users save all the codes in a notebook or a Word file, which is such a wrong move because this insecurely recorded information can easily fall into the hands of someone else, and again all of their accounts are in danger.


We offer you a tool to adapt to the necessity of creating, saving, and managing as many passwords as you need: Passwarden. Thanks to this wonderful application, you can securely save and store all your passwords and other important information. It also offers great features like generating random strong passwords, client-side end-to-end encryption, 2FA, and Duress Mode.

You cannot remember a lot of passwords, but Passwarden can. Try this trusted app now!

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Top Features of the Passwarden

Passwarden is a solution developed with advanced technologies, using the AES-256 and ЕС р-384 encryption protocol. Your codes, credit card details, social number, and other vital information are securely protected with it. Additionally, it has many features that will make both your business and personal life easier and more protected. Let's see briefly some features:


  • You can use the “Autofill” feature for instant login to all of your accounts and services. So, from now on, you do not have to manually input your codes anymore!
  • With the Passwarden Family Plan, you’ll be able to extend the benefits of our password manager to your whole family.
  • Thanks to the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) feature, one can increase the app security and completely prevent unwanted people from accessing the app.
  • If you need to share your passwords with someone, Passwarden is a safer and easier option than email or messages. Create a new Shared Vault - a secure storage. Add the data you want to share to others, then invite any people you want to share your data with. It is that easy and safe!
  • You can easily use the Passwarden application on all your devices under one account. Passwarden automatically synchronizes data between your devices.

FAQ about Passwarden

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Try Passwarden now, and enjoy the top security for your personal data!