Secure Password Sharing in the Workplace

Is sharing passwords among employees common in your company? Well, you are not alone. Studies show that as many as 69% of respondents admit sharing passwords with their colleagues at work. 


Generally speaking, sharing passwords helps employees collaborate and get work done. Teams may share one login for a particular website or service, rather than getting separate subscriptions. IT teams share admin accounts to manage company infrastructure and services. Someone may manage projects on behalf of a client, so each party should be able to access accounts. The list may go on and on. 


As long as the shared passwords may be the key to your organization’s sensitive data, what one shouldn’t neglect is security. Why it’s important? How to share passwords without any risks and stay secure? What is a password-sharing policy? How to choose a password-sharing service? And how can Passwarden help you? Find it all out below!

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Password-Sharing Risks at Work

Sharing passwords with colleagues via email or instant message may be quite tempting, but not secure. Passwords and other data sent in this way can be intercepted and leaked. 

Keeping shared passwords, say, in Google Docs is neither a good idea. A hacker who discovers a document full of a dozen shared credentials in one employee’s Google account can carry out a full-blown data breach. And the latter, if your customers’ privacy gets violated, can even expose your organization to legal issues. 

Sounds intimidating, right? To avoid this, your organization needs to have proper password security and sharing policies in place. Go on reading to learn more about the password-sharing policy.

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Update Your Password Sharing Policy

Almost 69% of employees share passwords at work. But to reduce the password sharing risks and to improve information security, company owners should implement a password sharing policy and consider secure solutions to minimize the risks.

The first possible solution is a single sign-on. This is an authentication method that enables employees to securely authenticate with multiple services and tools with one set of credentials.

The next essential point of the password-sharing policy is the strength of passwords. It is important to use longer passwords over complex ones. The National Institute for Standards and Technology declares that password length has more impact on the strength of your password than the usage of uppercase, lowercase, etc. 

And the last significant aspect of security policy is the usage of password managers for the workplace like Passwarden. They allow you to avoid using the same password for different services and create new strong passwords, keeping them in secure Vaults.

Solution for Safe Password Sharing in the Workplace

Protection of password sharing is an important task for companies, as a password that falls into the wrong hands can result in big losses. Ransomware attacks, data breaches, or the unauthorized access of third parties can turn into a disaster. 

If password sharing can’t be avoided, the safest and most efficient way to have employees share passwords is to use a secure password management service such as Passwarden. This is one of the cybersecurity policy best practices. Using a reliable password manager like Passwarden by KeepSolid will minimize the security risks and helps to avoid sharing passwords in emails, messengers, or paper notes. 

 With Passwarden, every user gets encrypted storage both for their passwords and the ones they share with other workers. Every employee has his master password, which is the only way to access all the sensitive info. This is a perfect solution for the password-sharing policy.

The password manager Administrator can create Shared Vaults and give access to relevant folders for company employees. Setup the permission level for all the workers and allow them to share passwords from any device on any platform. If someone leaves the company it is much easier to disable the account and reset shared passwords within minutes.

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Passwarden is a perfect service to share passwords at work and not to hesitate about their security.

Top reasons to use Passwarden in your office

Encrypted storage for your accounts

Keeping your sensitive information secure is our top priority. Thanks to the client-side encryption using AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocol, Passwarden reliably protects your corporate logins and other info. 

Due to the bullet-proof encryption, you can be sure that whenever your employees share passwords at work, they can’t be stolen by hackers or other third parties. Want to learn more about Passwarden security? Check out this page

Absolute privacy of your company data

Passwarden can’t see your Master Password or any of the passwords or other items stored in the app. Every bit of your data is confidential and inaccessible even to Passwarden employees. So you can be sure that your company's private information remains absolutely private and secure.

Different access rights

With Passwarden, you can set different permission levels for different employees at work. There are Admin, Editor, and Viewer access rights. So if you don’t want particular users to make any changes in the shared Passwarden vault, all you need is just set them the Viewer access. 

Data import

Passwarden makes your data transfer from other sources super-easy. Its Migration tool helps to export passwords from other services and browser extensions in two clicks without copy-pasting each item to your Vaults. 

Random strong passwords

With Passwarden you can generate strong and secure passwords and save them to your Vaults. Our secure password manager allows sharing generated passwords at work without the necessity to remember them. With an Autofill feature, our services become the ultimate solution. 

How to Share Passwords at Work Securely

  1. Get the Passwarden app and sign up.
  2. Create a new Vault that you’ll share with others. 
  3. Send invites to your team, setting the necessary access rights.
  4. Wait till users accept your invitation. If they are new to our service, you may also need to click Share.
  5. Add passwords and other items to your Vault and share them with the relevant employees at work.

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