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The Orbi is an incredible Wi-Fi System that gives users a good, strong signal range. Unlike using a router with an extender, the Orbi system is a single Wi-Fi network, you only have one password and username. The router comes with a default username and password straight from the box. This presents huge risks to your network and if left unchanged you may suffer a possible security attack. In this article, we take a look at how to change the Orbi default password to keep your personal network secure.

Risks of Using Default Passwords

Default passwords don’t require much practice to remember, and this is why they can not be relied on for keeping the security of your device and network intact. A novice with a fundamental knowledge of how your device works could easily gain access to your router to temper your network security. To secure the security of your personal Wi-Fi network, change the default Orbi password and username to unique and strong ones.


You might have, at some point in your life,  owned or operated a device that came with vendor login credentials where the username was admin and the Password was password or something like 1234, etc. Some of the biggest security attacks can be attributed to cases where login credentials were never changed from default combinations. This is because default passwords can be found over the internet without any vetting done on who is inquiring and thus, making any device that uses shared default passwords to be susceptible to being intercepted. To ensure that you have sufficiently restricted access to sensitive data, you will need to change default vendor passwords.


Why create unique passwords is so important?

You should create passwords that anyone can't figure out easily. Avoid ever using your names, birthdates, home address, a pet’s name, and any other personal information to create passwords. Hackers will not pass on trying any of that obvious information when attempting to compromise your security. Using one password for all your accounts could see you have all your crucial data and information compromised. In the event that attackers succeed in compromising your password from one account, it should be expected that they will try using the same password on other services. The obvious at that point will be that all your confidential information that's stored on the internet will be compromised.

It takes great effort to create and keep a memory of a complex password that combines digits, multiple cases, and symbols. This can be conveniently done with a single click using Passwarden's secure password generator feature to instantly create and save this password to the encrypted data storage.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Why You Need a Passwarden Manager?

Passwarden relies on a comprehensive encryption process to ensure that your passwords and personal information remain private from everyone’s knowledge - including them! That’s right, its employees and developers have NO access to your data, it belongs only to you and you alone. 


The way it's done is that your Items are immediately encrypted on your device using the AES256-GCM protocol as soon as they are added to any of your Vaults. Your encrypted data is synchronized with their cloud servers. Any Passwarden data that’s sent from your device and stored on their servers remains encrypted at all times - they can’t access what’s inside.


There are security measures in place to protect your passwords and other personal information within the app, such as two-factor authentication, which is there to protect your Passwarden profile itself. Passwarden makes it easy to share your sensitive data with others safely. Our solution is the best way to send secure documents due to top-notch algorithms and client-side encryption protocols. Share your account logins, credentials, passport, or ID card details without any worries. Go on reading to learn more about how to send important documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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