How is the Lantronix Terminal server accessed?

This server is highly important and access to it should be managed. To access the server, you need to have the IP address of your device, the username, and the password. All this information can be easily found in the Lantronix router manual. The manual will give you the default password to use to log in to your server.


If you do not have access to the manual, you can still be able to log in to your Lantronix server by checking the sticker that is found at the bottom or at the back of your router. This sticker contains all the information you need to log in to your server. This includes the IP Address of your router, your username, as well as the default password.


Lantronix has a list of the most used default username and passwords that you can use to get access to your Lantronix Terminal server router. Once you have used these default credentials and have logged into your server, you will see the control panel of your router.

What is the Lantronix default password

It is a default password that is used to gain access to your Lantronix terminal server. This server provides a connection point to different devices such as computers, printers, etc. Data is transmitted from one device to the other through this server, which allows for easy monitoring of data traffic.


Below are some of the most popular and default combinations of Lantronix passcodes and usernames.

Username Password
Admin PASS
Sysadmin PASS
Any system
Login Access
(blank) Lantronix


Although this easy way of login into your router may seem like a convenient way of accessing your data, it poses very high cybersecurity risks. If your router or your manual can be physically accessed by any third party or an unauthorized person, they can be able to use the default credentials to log into your device.

If you use an unsecured password that is not stored and protected by a good password manager, your data is at a very high risk of being exposed and accessed by third parties.

Relying on unsecured, default passwords are easy to guess, making the job of hackers and other cybercriminals very easy. It defeats the whole purpose of having a password in the first place. To be effective, a password must be strong and hard to predict. To set up a strong password, you need Passwarden as an excellent password manager that is reliable and secure.

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Why is Passwarden a necessity?

Passwarden is a necessity because it encrypts all your stored passwords and other saved data. This optimizes the security of all your devices because it makes the process of accessing your passwords useless to hackers, as this information will be written in a code that will be hard to decrypt. If you want someone else to access your Lantronix server using your passcode, Passwarden allows for the safe sharing of your login credentials without compromising your safety.


Passwarden also does the job of generating strong passwords for you while giving you the freedom to decide on the level of complexity, the length of your passcodes as well as the character types you want to use in your password. This will reduce the chances to use a default password for your devices.


One of the most important features of Passwarden is the Duress Mode option, which ensures that your most secure data is still safe even in the unfortunate event that your Passwarden master password is ever compromised.

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