Canon Default Password

In this guide, we explain what default passwords can be used for Canon devices. Make sure you read to the end to find out the best way to manage all your passwords.

What Is a Default Password

A default password is a pre-determined passcode for a device. Typical default passwords include “admin,” “password,” “guest”, or the brand name such as “canon.” Vendors typically use a single default password for the same model or batch of products. It can usually be found on their official website or through dedicated manuals, not to mention numerous websites that provide compiled lists of default passwords. A default password is the default configuration for countless devices. Therefore, if you don’t change it and continue using it, you expose your device and data to serious security risks.

Default passwords are commonly used for routers, printers, and firewalls. They provide an easy attack vector to cybercriminals. If the device connects to a corporate network, that risk extends to the whole business. An attacker who successfully logs into a device will probably have administrative-level access.

Default passwords are meant to be placeholders and used only for the first setup of hardware or after a factory reset. When the user types it in, he is usually prompted to change it as part of the process. Vendors may enforce change upon first use of the default password. However, the best way to get around this issue is to change it using a good password manager.

What Is Canon And How to Manage Default Passwords

Canon is a Japanese company that produces optical and imaging products, such as cameras and printers. When you turn on your Canon machine for the first time, the initial setup of the device starts automatically. After selecting the language, you’ll need to log in as an administrator; otherwise, important items considering the network and security can’t be set.

Setting passwords on Canon devices

In order for the user to manage a Canon machine, it’s best to set up a system in which an administrator is appointed. So general users will operate the machine under the administrator’s direction. The Administrator decides the rules for operating the machine and implements main setups such as networks and security, as well as the access for each user when need be.

When you are prompted to log in as an administrator, the default username is "Administrator" or "ADMIN," and the default password is "7654321". However, administrator login credentials may be given specifically at the time of purchase, depending on the machine. In that case, the default password is the machine’s serial number.

Why you need to change your Canon default password

When you want to operate the machine as an administrator, change the default password to improve security. The changed password should be known by the administrator only. If you are a general user of the machine and the login credentials have been changed, blocking your access, you should ask the administrator of the machine to give you access again.

Canon devices allow passwords consisting of 4 to 32 characters. The allowed characters are single-byte alphanumeric ones (letters and numbers). Canon recommends using at least 8 characters for higher security. If you have changed the Canon default password, you can always initialize the machine setting or reset to factory settings. In doing so, you’ll need to enter it again upon restart.

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