How To Change Your ATT Wi-Fi Password

If you have an AT & T Internet connection, your service's physical connection point is most likely an ATT router/modem. This router links all of your home's Internet-connected devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and other devices.


How To Change Your ATT Wi-Fi Password


Although the ATT installation specialist is likely to have left your equipment correctly configured, including the default password, you may wish to change it to something more secure. To keep unauthorized intruders off your home network, you will need to change your Wi-Fi password to a stronger one.


We will teach you how to make these adjustments to your ATT devices and improve the security of your wireless network in this article by changing your ATT password. 


Smart Home Manager


This tool, known as Smart Home Manager, allows you to examine and manage all of your device connections, as well as view and control WiFi access to any specific computer on your network, making it simple to ensure your network is safe.


You may also change your ATT WiFi password with Smart Home Manager. Simply log in with your ATT login and password and navigate through the pages to complete your desired action.

Change ATT WiFi password with Smart Home Manager

However, because not all routers support the Smart Home Manager, you'll have to change your Wi-Fi password manually following the steps below if you can't use it.


How to Change Your ATT WiFi Password


Once your service is up and running, the first thing you should do is change the router's default password. This isn't only an ATT issue; every time you switch Internet service providers, you should change your password.


To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and type in the following IP address
  2. When prompted, enter the Device Access Code
  3. Click LAN and then WiFi.
  4. Navigate to User Network and then change the WiFi password where shown.
  5. Do not forget to Save when done. 
How to change WiFi password ATT

You may now connect to the network with your new ATT WiFi password. If you're using WiFi, you can be kicked from the network and forced to log in again.

How Not To Forget Your ATT Wi-Fi Password 


We now have access to a wide range of platforms, and we frequently forget our login details, so we have to change them frequently. Our credentials are occasionally tampered with, and we are completely unaware of it. Isn't it a pity? The good news is that you can use password managers to keep track of all of your login credentials and avoid having to memorize them.


Passwarden is a manager that works with Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Windows, and Linux operating systems. This tool will allow you to autofill forms and logins you generate on any platform. When you connect to your ATT Wi-Fi account after installing it, it will immediately retrieve your credentials. It can also sync credentials between devices, so if you log in to ATT Wi-Fi from any of your devices, your credentials will be saved. It also has the benefit of allowing you to recover your credentials if you lose them. Isn't that incredible? 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Passwarden?

Military-grade encryption

It uses the AES-256 and p-384 encryption algorithms to make your data unreadable. It offers an easy-to-use interface that makes updating credentials and other information a breeze.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a great method to give your Passwarden account an extra layer of security. When you activate it, every time someone attempts to access your account, you'll receive a one-time passcode, guaranteeing that you're the only one who has access.


Autofill option

If you already have the important credentials recorded in your Passwarden vault, they will be completed for you. Along the same lines, you shouldn't sit about trying to remember and print difficult passcodes without assistance. 

How to change your ATT password in the Passwarden Storage


Please keep in mind that you must first change your ATT WiFi password from their website before you go ahead with the following steps.


1. Login to your Passwarden account.


2. Choose the item to be updated.


3. In the lower right corner, click Edit.

4. Next, enter your ATT WiFi login credentials.


5. When you're finished, click Save

Getting Started With Passwarden


To get started, follow the steps outlined below.

If you still need assistance, please see our Manuals or contact us at [email protected]


Step 1

Download the app.


Step 2

To sign in to Passwarden, create a new KeepSolid ID. 


Step 3

Create a strong master password and keep the recovery procedures for further use.


Step 4

Credentials and other information can be stored in a Passwarden vault, or data can be transferred in bulk using the Migration tool.

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