How to Change WhatsApp Password

WhatsApp is nowadays one of the leading messaging apps in the market because it offers a wide range of security features. A new one was added recently and it is a two-step verification option that will provide security and safety to your account. In this article, we will explain how to change WhatsApp password and how to update it in the Passwarden storage.


How to change Whatsapp password


Here is how you change your Whatsapp password.


1. Open your Whatsapp app


2. Go to the settings button in the top right corner


3. Click on the account option


4. Tap on the two-step verification section

5. Click on change pin


6. Change the code with a new 6-digit pin then next


7. Re-Enter the new pin, then confirm

How to reset WhatsApp password


Forgetting a password and losing access to your account is possible and it happens to just about anyone. If this happens to you with WhatsApp, you will not be able to access the app. Here is a guide on what you should do in this case.


First, you will need to enable the two-step verification then change it and add a new password.


1. When the app asks for your code or pin, click on forgot password


2. Tap on send email


3. You will receive a link by email to reset your passcode


4. To disable the two-step verification, click on confirm


After following these instructions, you can set a new password or change it to keep your account safe and secure.

How to update the password in the Passwarden app


Here is how to add your new password to the Passwarden storage.


1. Log in to your Passwarden account.


2. Go to the WhatsApp section


3. Tap on the edit option


4. Add the new password in the password field


5. Click on the save button

The benefits of Passwarden


In this section, we will explain what Passwarden is and what are its benefits.


What is Passwarden


Remembering your passwords and making sure that all your information is safe from hackers and third parties on the internet can be difficult. That is exactly what Passwarden does. It is a password manager app that is useful to everyone since it ensures your safety on the web since it is available on different platforms from IOS to Android.


Passwarden is a very reliable, secure, and easy app to use. The security features offered in this app are one of the best out there and the app has millions of users worldwide. You can store all of your passwords in the Passwarden storage that will be safe due to the data encryption system. Your data and personal information will be safe and you will not have to worry about them.


Moreover, Passwarden not only remembers and saves your passwords but can also create new ones. Your passwords should be strong and hard to decode by hackers and various threats on the internet. Weak passwords will only put all your information in danger and risk your safety on the web.

The benefits

Due to the high risks people are exposed to on the internet and the web, it is always advised to have such an app to make sure that you and all of your personal information are safe and secure. First of all, you will have to create a master password to access your account and this is the only password you will have to remember. This one will be only known by you and no one can have access to it, not even the Passwarden teams and it is crucial for the rest of the security features such as the bulletproof encryption and the duress mode.

In fact, Passwarden has a bulletproof encryption system. This system will put in place a safe space and inaccessible space to hackers and third parties for all your passwords and data and personal information. Furthermore, the app offers a two-step authentication system. This system ensures extra safety. It consists of a code that you will receive by email upon signing in to the app so that nobody can access your account other than you.

Passwarden also offers a Duress mode. This mode consists of only displaying the information, data or passwords you have selected previously and all the rest will be hidden. To activate this mode, all you have to do is to choose a duress passcode and use it to access your account on the app. Passwarden is one of the best password management apps out there, and it is highly recommended to people who value their privacy and the safety of their activities on the internet.

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