How to Change Uber Password

It’s common for people to find themselves locked out of their apps simply because they forgot their passwords. Forgetting your password will be the least of your worries when you start to use Passwarden to manage your passwords. Before we help you change or reset your Uber password, let us show you how to use Passwarden to safely store and share your passwords.


UBER is a global giant in the e-hailing service industry. Its platform enables millions of people around the world to request a ride or have food delivered from their favorite restaurants. And in some regions, the same platform can be used to send or pick up a package, these services are paid for in the app using a credit/debit card which is private information that should be protected. 


Your Uber app is protected by a password that is set by you (user) and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you use a strong password that isn’t easy to guess or figure out. Strong passwords should be long, complex and unique, they should be very difficult to compromise.


For an average person, a password like that can be challenging to create and equally difficult to remember, however, using Passwarden takes away all those concerns. 

Let’s first share how to change your password before we can further discuss Passwarden.


How to Make a Strong Password

Here is what to note before you change your Uber password:

  • Before you change, ensure you that the new password is made of at least 8-10 characters long - the longer, the better
  • It should feature both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Ensure that it is made up of both letters and numbers
  • And contain special symbols, such as ! @ # ? ]

Follow These Instructions to Change Uber Password

Follow the following steps to change your Uber password:

1. Launch the Uber App.

2. Click on the Account tab at the top left of the screen.

3. Click on your Profile Picture.

4. Type in your current password

5. Verify your current password.

6. Type in your new password, then save.

7. An email will be sent to you to inform you of successfully updating your password.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also part of MonoDefense security bundle.

The Benefits of Using Passwarden

  • Do not use up valuable time on things that could be automated.
  • A single password to remember to login on all your apps and web accounts.
  • A safe and secure platform to share your passwords with others.
  • Keep your passwords hidden from hackers.

Features That Make Passwarden a Trusted Choice

Data Encryption

Passwarden relies on the military-grade AES-256 and bulletproof EC p-384 encryption protocols to scramble all your data and guarantee the integrity of your stored passwords and other valuable information. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your device and is stored in their servers, making it completely inaccessible to hackers and third-parties.

Strong Password Generator

Passwarden understands the difficulty of creating strong and reliable passwords that can be trusted to keep your account safe from all harm. You can use its password generator to generate a random password strong password to change to for your Uber app. You have the freedom to customize your password length and choose whether to use numbers, uppercase or lowercase, and symbols - it’s all up to you.

Data Migration

The best thing is how quick and easy it is to import your passwords and browsing data from apps and browsers using the migration tool. Your data gets automatically transferred into Passwarden and is matched and organized in a ready-to-use form.

Security Dashboard

The Security Dashboard checks how strong your passwords are, and informs you if they are compromised or reused. It’s a cyber security solution used to monitor the vulnerability of your passwords. This is a great tool to use before you change any of your passwords, and just after importing your data into Passwarden.

Passwarden Storage

We all have very important documents that we would like to keep safe but we might not have the capacity to ensure that they are optimally secure. Passwarden provides very secure Vaults that are protected with the best encryption protocols, your info can’t be accessed by anyone but you.

Free Subscription

You can use Passwarden for free with minor feature limitations. However, using a free plan prohibits you from sharing items and vaults, you can’t create and manage more accounts for family, and you can only access your profile on one device only. As soon as you start to enjoy and appreciate Passwarden’s benefits you will consider making the change to a paid plan.

Offline Mode

You might be in need to access your passwords and info while your internet connection is down. This is possible with Passwarden, you could still retrieve data.

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