How To Change Spectrum Password

The very first thing you should do after receiving a new Spectrum router is to change the default settings WiFi network name and passcode. This will make it a lot easier to remember your WiFi password. Moreover, this will make it even more difficult for hackers to attack and steal your data, such as your bank account information and more. You can change your WiFi password on your Spectrum router by utilizing your web account and the My Spectrum app.

How To Change  WiFi Password  Spectrum Using Your Online Account

In these simple steps below you will learn about: How to change your WiFi password.

1. On your browser, type

2. Select Enter.

3. Enter the username and passcode to sign in. Then, select Services from the menu. This is visible at the very top of the window.


Spectrum online account sign-in

4. Choose Internet from the drop-down menu that appears just below Services & Equipment.

5. Navigate to Network Management. If this option is not available, navigate to Your WiFi Networks and press the blue arrow.

Spectrum online manage network

6. After that, type in your new passcode and username.

Finally, save your work by clicking the Save button.

change username and password spectrum online

How to Change Wi-Fi Password on My Spectrum router

Change  Spectrum Wi-Fi password:

  1. On your device, install the My Spectrum app. (This is available for Android devices through the Google Play Store and for iPhones and other Apple devices through the Apple App Store.)
  2. Then start the app and agree to the terms and services.
  3. Next step, sign in with your Spectrum passcode.
  4. Next step, select Services. This is located at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Select View & Edit Network Info.
  6. Enter your passcode as well as the preferred network name.
  7. Finally, press the Save button.

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How to Update  Your Spectrum Password in Passwarden

  1. Make usage of the master passcode to log into your Passwarden account.
  2. Tap on the item you want to change.
  3. On the bottom right corner, press Edit.
  4. To update your Spectrum passcode, go to the password option.
  5. Click the Save button when done.

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How to Use Passwarden

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