How to change Netgear password

Do you need to change your Netgear password to access your router? Or do you want to ban previous Netgear router users from further freeloading? No need to worry! In the following guide, we first address the issue by providing instructions on changing your login credentials on Netgear Genie’s official website. Subsequently, we’ll bring you the ultimate solution to your password chaos, be it as important as your Netgear router or unimportant login credentials to trivial web services such as that little eCommerce website you once used to claim your $10 discount! You have to hire our best password manager, namely Passwarden!


How to change password on Netgear router?


All Netgear routers have standard login credentials. Although you can't alter the username (“Admin”), you can follow the steps below to change the password for your device via the Netgear Genie website.


1. Open your Web browser and go to An Authentication Required window pops up immediately.

2. Enter the login information associated with your Netgear, and click on Log in.


3. Select the Advanced tab on the upper left-hand side of the page. The options will change to be related to the Advanced layout.

4. Click the Administration in the menu. A sub-menu shows up below Administration.


5. Select Set Password. The corresponding window appears to the right of the screen.

6. Enter your existing password in the Old Password field, enter your new one in the Set Password and Repeat New Password fields. A Log-in to Router login dialog box will appear.

7. Enter your Netgear router login credentials, and click on Log In. You'll be directed back to the Netgear Genie page. You have now successfully changed the password on your Netgear router!

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

How to change Netgear password in Passwarden


Please keep in mind that, first, you need to change your Netgear login credentials via Afterwards, do the following:


1. Open your Passwarden and Log in.


2. Tap on Netgear.


3. Select Edit.


4. Update your Netgear login credentials and select Save for the changes to take effect.

Why store Netgear password in Passwarden?

Are you looking for the optimal method to put your cyber-identity in order? A solution that could efficiently manage your login credentials is critical for your online life. Meet Passwarden! It is a security solution by Keepsolid that will act as a depository for your passwords and sensitive info. You handle and manage all of them centrally and simultaneously on every device of yours. Below are the benefits of our password manager shortlisted.


Cross-device Synchronization

Passwarden enables you to find your vaults on all devices as long as you remember your master password. You can invent passwords, enter data, edit them, and get updated everywhere at the same time.

Two-Factor Authentication

This safety feature has now been widely adopted by most online services to provide users with utmost security. The idea is that the user will have to confirm the login using a third-party means. 2FA guarantees that only you can get access to your login credentials vault.

Solid Password Generator

Simple passwords are extremely dangerous to use on any service that requires a login account. In addition, if you use one passcode everywhere, you may probably get into trouble! Passwarden generates strong passwords with all the accepted characters. You can determine the length of the passwords and save them in the vault.

Duress mode

Duress mode is a smart feature that can be viewed as a true lifesaver in certain situations. It enables you to get over any pressure to provide information to your safe vault by adversaries. Logging in to your Passwarden with a predetermined passcode will only show a handful of your data that you’ve set up in advance! This way, you will conceal the pieces of data that you deem most confidential. Would-be cybercriminals will not get anything from you by force. Moreover, depending on where you are located, officials may demand you to yield your passwords or to give them access to your profiles. You will not be intimidated!

Autofill Option

Manually entering long and random passwords time and time again is dull and unnecessary. Have Passwarden do all the menial work for you! The Autofill feature will save you time and hassle at every login dialog box you encounter. If you ever want to get your hands dirty again filling out online forms, deactivate the Autofill option in seconds. 

Secure password-sharing

Do you incautiously send your login credentials via email or chat? Our solution helps you effectively break this habit. You can make a shared vault, to which you may invite trusted persons to view your intended data. The information you want to share cannot get intercepted by would-be hackers since you leave nothing for them.

First-class Encryption

Our solution runs on the edge of cybersecurity as it employs AES-256 encryption technology. This will mix up your data, making them hard to read for unwanted parties. If your data ever get intercepted by snoopers, they won’t be capable of deciphering your private information. Also, note that Keepsolid does not possess keys to decrypt your Passwarden info while synchronizing with servers.

Should you have any inquiries relating to Passwarden or Keepsolid’s security bundle, please write to our customer support at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you in no time!

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