How to Change Minecraft Password

It will be difficult to find a person who has not heard anything about Minecraft. In this article, you will get information about this game, how to change Minecraft password, and of course, about your best partner in the sphere of data protection, Passwarden.

What is Minecraft


So, what is Minecraft? It is a sandbox video game that was worked out by the Swedish developer of the video game Mojang Studios. In Minecraft, the gamers study a blocky created 3D world with the virtually endless territory and may find and mine raw materials, craft items, and tools. Then they construct different structures. Like every online game, it has an authorization process with logins and passwords. So let’s find out how to change it if you need to update your credentials.

How to change Minecraft password

A complex password is composed of a mixture of lower case and upper case letters, symbols, and numbers. The shortest Mojang account password is eight symbols. But if you want, you can make it a bit longer.

There are two versions of this exciting game. They are the Bedrock version and the Java version. The bedrock version can be used through the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. There is no necessity to sign in order to use this version. In this case, when you use the Java version, you will have to use your Minecraft account.


Mojang and Minecraft account

Minecraft Java has constantly demanded an account. Before this game was obtained by Microsoft, gamers made it in Minecraft. After that, it had to be transferred to Mojang after Microsoft got it. Since the first of December 2020, it is necessary to have a Microsoft account if you intend to purchase and play Minecraft. So, you are allowed to have a Mojang account if you purchased Minecraft Java some time ago. You can also have one in Microsoft if you purchased the game after the first of December 2021.


How to Reset Mojang account password

If you need to reset it for your Mojang account, it will not be difficult, especially if you have access to the email you used to. You should sign up for it.

1. Firstly, go to the Mojang password reset page.

2. Secondly, access the email which you used to sign up. Then press Request password reset.

3. Thirdly, check the email and press the reset link.

4. After that, make a renewed one and apply it to sign in to the game.

How to reset Microsoft account password


To reset the password for your Microsoft account is as simple as resetting it to your Mojang one. 


1. Go to the Microsoft account page.

2. Then press the Sign-In button.

3. Get access to your email Microsoft Account.

4. Press Next.

5. In the password area, press Forgot password.

6. Then you should choose an option to restore it; authenticator app (if it is set up), phone number, or email.

7. Use the code which was sent to you and next make a renewed one for your account. 

8. After the resetting of your password, the account can be used to sign in to Minecraft.

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Minecraft's accounts have passed through numerous phases. First, they used to be Minecraft ones that functioned with a username. Secondly, they became a Mojang account and they were connected to your email. The username isn’t applied when you sign in. Finally, there are Microsoft accounts. In all this process, the majority of users forget that they signed up for the game. In case if you do not remember what kind of account you had, browse your email for a soft-copy of your Minecraft buying, and it will indicate you in the correct direction.

Note: After you have altered the password to the Microsoft account, you will have to apply your renewed one on Windows 10 systems and all apps where you use it in order to sign in.

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Master Password

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