How to Change Green Dot Password

What do most people know about Green Dot Bank? It is an online bank that suggests competitive rates through its high productive savings account and unbounded cash-back tribute via its spending account. This bank has been in business since 1999. Green Dot is a great section of the Green Dot Corporation. Customers can without hindrance access their accounts online or via the app 24/7.


The current account, which is recommended by the Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, is created for the contemporary "on-the-go" customer, affording its user some modern characteristics and a linked MasterCard debit card. The Green Dot Bank doesn't accuse overdraft fees, monthly fees with qualifying direct deposits, or minimum balance fees.

How to change Green Dot Password? 


To Change the Green Dot password, you can use the `Forgot Password` feature. We will help you to change the Green Dot password if you follow these steps:

1. Move to the website and press Log In.

2. When you are on the login pop-up, press on the Forgot Password link.

3. Access your registered Email ID.

4. You will be sent the list of all User IDs linked with the Email ID.

5. You will also receive the list of all your User IDs, with the Reset Password link for every. In the list, you will be informed which of the User IDs have a confirmed Email ID.

6. Then enter your New Password and Re-enter it one fore time. 


Note: Remember, your password must contain at least one number and at least 8 characters.

Forgot Password

If you fail to receive the email, look through your spam folder. Now you can have only 1 Email ID instead of 1 User ID. Later you will have to renovate different Email IDs against the numerous User IDs you may have. So, use this manual to change The Green Dot password without any difficulties.


It is also possible to unblock your Green Dot card online. After getting your card, you should click Unlock to regenerate your card immediately. Just log into your account using the Green Dot app. Go to the toggle button on your home screen, OR choose Settings. Next step, press Manage Card. Then  Lock Card. So, you have done it.

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FAQ about the Green Dot Bank


Is it possible to have two Green Dot accounts?

Having two Green Dot accounts is not a problem. If you need, you can convert money between two Green Dot cards. You can easily do it by logging in to your account online. First, you should log in. Next, it is necessary to guide to Pay Bills and People. After that, you choose Pay People and move to Send Money. The only thing you need is the receiver's email or a mobile number. The recipient can begin using the money he gets in a minute he accepts it. The Green Dot Bank suggests you a credit card: Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account and two accounts.


How reliable is Green Dot Bank?

Some people may not believe in online banking. They also may have doubts if the Green Dot is trustworthy. Green Dot MoneyPak card is an absolutely legal product if you have the intention to use it for the right aim. After buying the product at a retailer with cash, consumers are allowed to use MoneyPaks to reload some other prepaid cards. Besides, customers can make same-day payments to different companies or add money to a PayPal account not using a bank account.


What to do if you need to alter your PIN on the Green Dot app?

To change your PIN, your first step will be to log into your account on the Green Dot mobile app. Then you should Tap Settings. Next move to the option Manage Card. And finally, press the button Change ATM PIN.

After that, you will get a Green Dot PIN in your welcoming material. If you do not remember your PIN or want to alter it, you should use the Green Dot Mobile Banking app for Android and iOS. First logging in. Then click on Settings. Next, Manage Card, and Change ATM PIN.

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