How to Change Epic Games Password

Do you need to change your Epic Games password because you’re blanking on your credentials, or your last one is now expired? No worries, we want to ensure your gaming experience will not get interrupted again! Follow this detailed guide on how to change your Epic Games user credentials using their official website. Afterward, we will present a convenient solution to efficiently manage all your passwords in seconds, including Epic Games.

How to Change Your Epic Games Password on Official Website


  1. Go to Click on Sign In, in the upper right corner. 
  2. On the CHOOSE … popup window, choose to Sign in with EPIC GAMES.
Sign in with epic games

3. Select Forgot Your Password.

Forgot your password

4. On the next popup window, enter the email connected to your Epic Games account in the Email field.

Forgot your password Send Email

5. Click on Send Email. You will receive an email with operating instructions on how to reset your passcode.

Password Reset Instructions

6. In the email, select Reset Password, or copy and paste the presented link into your browser to navigate to the webpage to choose a set one.

Reset your password

7. Then, On the RESET… popup window, enter a new one in the New Password field, respecting the password requirements regarding characters and length.

8. Re-enter it into the Verify… field.

9. Click on Reset Password, and you’re all set! It will update your password, and you will get a success confirmation email shortly.

How to Change Epic Games Password in Passwarden


Please note that you must first change your Epic Games credentials in the Epic Games on the website. Subsequently, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Passwarden.
  2. Select Epic Games.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Update your Epic Games credentials and click on Save.

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