How to Change Binance Password

Do you need to enter your Binance account but can’t remember your login info? The only option you have is to reset your password. Also, if you remember your password but want to change it for security reasons, you will find this article useful as it walks you through how to make a new password for your Binance account. Make sure you read to the end of this article to avoid going through all this boring process again. Our solution, Passwarden, is there to help you.


What is Binance

Founded in 2017 and initially based in China, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance offers crypto trading in 500+ cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its own token Binance Coin. It moved its headquarters out of China due to the Chinese government's aggressive regulation of cryptocurrencies.


Like other crypto exchanges, Binance provides trading, listing, fundraising, and delisting or withdrawal of any cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts aiming to launch their own tokens can use Binance for raising funds. Binance is used by numerous traders to exchange and invest in different cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


Binance users have to complete the obligatory KYC process to start trading. After successful account creation, users can add crypto funds to their digital wallets, provided by Binance. These accounts are of course protected by user-made passwords, as well as Multiple-Factor Authentication. 


Managing your Binance password properly is extremely important in protecting your crypto funds. You should change your password periodically to lower the chance of any breach by hackers. And if you have lost your Binance password, you should try resetting it as soon as possible.

To Change Binance Password Follow These Simple Steps

1. Go to the Binance Homepage.

2. Click the Log In button.

3. Enter the login info associated with your account, and then click Log In.

4. Click on the Account Icon, and select Security from the menu.

5. Click the Change button next to Login Password.

6. Enter your old (current) password.

7. Enter your new password, and confirm it by retyping.

8. Finally, click Confirm Changes.


You have now successfully changed your Binance password. Alternatively, if you don't remember your password, follow the next steps to reset your password. Please remember that for security reasons, withdrawals will be suspended for 24 hours after resetting your password.

To Reset Binance Password Follow These Simple Steps

1. Like the previous instruction, visit or launch the Binance app and click Log In

2. On the login page, click/tap Forgot Password?.

3. Click Continue.

4. Type in your email or mobile number and click/tap Next.

5. Complete the security verification puzzle.

6. Enter the verification code you received by email or SMS, and click Next to continue.

Note: if your account is registered with an email/number, and you have enabled 2FA via SMS/email, you can reset your password through your number/email.

7. Make a strong password, enter it, and click Next.


Your password has been reset successfully. Now use the new one to sign in to your account. If you don’t want to lose your password and go through this process in the future, learn about our password manager that takes care of all your passwords.

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