How to Change Aliexpress Password

AliExpress connects international buyers and sellers. The site offers a wide selection of consumer goods, such as apparel, consumer electronics, home improvement, jewelry, and toys. Many small business sellers list their products on AliExpress. These private label sellers ship their products purchased from the supplier and send them directly to customers.


How Is AliExpress Different from Alibaba and Taobao

When you shop on Alibaba or Taobao Marketplace, you are buying directly from the supplier. AliExpress is different in that it similarly connects buyers and sellers like eBay. Since it is a free service, how can AliExpress generate revenue?

AliExpress makes money the same way eBay does: by charging a small fee for each transaction (the fee varies by country). This helps it to pay for its costs and support growing its staff of developers and customer service agents. In addition, AliExpress’s parent company, Alibaba Group, makes money by charging for premium services that help merchants to sell better.

In this article, you’ll learn how to change your AliExpress password, and how to protect your account using a good password manager!


To Change Aliexpress Password Follow These Simple Steps

1. Open your AliExpress app on your phone. You will see the account icon in the bottom right of your screen.

2. On this page, you have to tap the gear icon, which is settings in the top right.

3. After that, tap on Profile at the first option. On this Profile page, you have to go to Account Info.

4. On this page, you have to tap on Change Password.

5. Now you need to pass the authentication, check out your email for the code that Aliexpress will send you. Then enter it in app and click Next.

6. After that, you need to enter your current password and your new password

You are done. The change has taken place, and you are ready to log in with your new password

Now that you know how to change your AliExpress account password, you probably want to know this. In 2021, Alibaba suffered a huge data breach. As you might know, AliExpress is owned by Alibaba Group. 

Now, don’t you agree that the internet is a dangerous place that’s full of insecurities and uncertainties? If your answer is yes, then you should consider using one of the best ways to protect your credentials online, a password manager. For this reason, we present you with Passwarden, one of the best promising password managers in the security industry.

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What Is Passwarden and Its Features

KeepSolid's Passwarden is one of the greatest password managers available. Using a system of customized vaults, this secure solution makes it simple to keep track of your passwords. Users can share vaults, making this platform suitable for both teams and corporations, as well as individuals.


Top Passwarden Features:

  • There is only one password to remember
  • Keep your personal information safe
  • Create passwords that are both strong and dependable
  • With one account, you can use as many devices as you want

What Will You Benefit From Using Passwarden

Total credentials security

Client-side end-to-end encryption is the technology used by Passwarden. As a result, your device only sends encrypted data. It means that if a hacker is lucky enough to intercept your data on its way to KeepSolid's cloud server, all they get is a bunch of encoded symbols. KeepSolid's developers are in the same boat; they can't access or read your Passwarden digital data.

With this level of digital security, you can rest assured that any information you store in Passwarden will not be accessed by any unauthorized or unknown third parties.

Easy data export and import

In just a few clicks, you can export your data and passwords from your browsers and other apps and import them into Passwarden! You can use the data migration feature to:

  • Export your passwords, bookmarks, and other saved information from Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox (as a CSV file) and import it into Passwarden.
  • Passwords and other stored data from LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane (as a.CSV,.JSON, or.1PIF file) can be exported and imported into Passwarden.

Protect yourself while traveling

Duress Mode is a key feature of Passwarden that allows you to hide the most sensitive data in certain situations. Users can create a dedicated Duress password in Duress Mode. Then you choose which of your Vaults you want to be visible in Duress Mode. When you use a Duress Password instead of your normal Master password to decrypt your Passwarden data, Passwarden will hide the most important, personal, and sensitive information and passwords instead of displaying all of your Vaults.

Strong passwords generator

KeepSolid Passwarden helps you to create and store strong and reliable passwords. You also can select your password's length and character set within the app.

The user interface is simple and user-friendly. You can create a strong password right in the app with our best password manager.

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