Why Do We Forget Our Passwords?

Nowadays, each of us has dozens of accounts with different logins. We must remember a lot of usernames and passwords. The majority of people use the same password for all their accounts. This is a security nightmare. If someone got access to one account, he can easily hack others. It's why we often hear news about stolen identities or hacked accounts.


A study from 2012, titled, "Why Do We Forget Passwords? A New Explanation Based on Temporal Distortions in the Mental Calendar," discusses how and why people forget passwords. The researchers found that "people tend to forget passwords that are used infrequently and prefer passwords that are easy to recover," which also explains why there is a psychological paradigm shift when it comes to password creation and memory.


Many people use the names of family members or pets with slight changes. However, this approach is not a secure way to manage passwords. Security professionals think it's improper to use the same password for several accounts, since this approach dramatically reduces the effectiveness of a strong password and increases the possibility of its theft or exposure.


What Should I Do If I Forget My Facebook Password?

If you forgot your password, then using the email address you originally used to sign up for Facebook is one way to recover your Facebook account; however, you can also do so using a backup email address or phone number. If Facebook and your Google account are connected, it will also work properly. This method works in the following way:

  1. Go to Facebook’s login page.
  2. Click on Forgot account?
  3. Select a method for resetting your Facebook password: Google account, backup email address, or phone number. Click Continue and follow the instructions to reset your password.


Why Password Manager Is A Must Nowadays

A database containing information on more than 530 million Facebook users was made available to the public in an online hacking forum in April 2021. Data from Facebook appears to have been scrapped in 2019 when a group of hackers took advantage of a flaw in Facebook's contact importer.

So, unless you're a secret agent or hacker, your passwords probably aren't that complicated. As such, it's not hard for someone with access to your computer to guess your password. Thankfully, there's a solution; password managers can generate, store and organize secure logins for you.


To keep this information safe, password managers use a master password as a key to encrypt your login details, meaning that only you can access them. No one will be able to get access to your logins.

With millions of passwords being hacked every year, it's never been more important to be using a password manager.

Get Passwarden now and forget about memorizing passwords!

other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

What Makes Passwarden A Great Choice

Privacy And Security

The primary function of a password manager is to keep your passwords secure, and Passwarden excels in this regard thanks to its many features. Your data won't be accessible to any outside parties, everything from hackers to KeepSolid staff, thanks to the AES-256 and p-384 encryption methods. Another option that significantly improves the security of your account is two-factor authentication. As long as you protect your phone, the additional step of authentication assures that you are breach-proof.

Cross-Platform App

Windows and macOS users can use Passwarden. With versions for iOS and Android, Passwarden even functions on mobile devices. Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are also supported by the service to enable autofill. Furthermore, these extensions enable you to create passwords automatically at sign-up rather than having to do it manually in the software by allowing you to do it directly in your browser. Once you become familiar with it, the app's desktop interface is simple.

Online Password Generator

You can create a secure password using our online password generator directly from the password manager in your computer browser. The passwords that are generated can be safely stored online and managed in safe online Vaults.

Keep a variety of data types in storage

With Passwarden, any type of data can be stored, including passports, bank credentials, licenses, etc. And everything you own is kept safely within reach, you won’t forget your security number or credit card anymore!

Duress Mode For Travel

Duress mode is a way to disguise your data, if you ever fall in a situation where you’re forced to reveal your information, then Duress mode would be your hero! In simple words, set a dedicated password for Duress mode, choose some vaults that you think it’s okay to reveal in dangerous situations, and that’s it! If you travel to some place where authorities force tourists to reveal everything on their phones, you can use the Duress mode password instead of the Master Password, the only vaults that will be shown are the vaults that you’ve selected before.

Try Passwarden with its full security features!