What Can You Do When You Forgot Your Apple ID Password

The Internet has brought us convenience in almost every part of our life, but it also brings incontinence when it comes to creating and remembering all the passwords. Everyone knows that one should create a unique password for each of our accounts for security reasons. However, in reality, it seemed so easy to just pick something simple by hand and end up forgetting them. For example, it could be quite troublesome if you forgot your Apple ID password, as Apple products have become essential for many of us in our daily life.


What to Do If You Forgot Your Apple ID Password?

There are a few steps that you can follow when you forgot your Apple ID password and to reset a new Apple ID password for your account: 

  1. Go to https://appleid.apple.com, find the “Forgotten your Apple ID or password?” and click on it.
  2. Enter the email that you use to register your Apple ID, then click “Continue”. Here you will have to do a verification, enter your trusted phone number, then click “Continue”. 
  3. Now on your Apple devices, you’ll receive a notification. On a Mac you will see a message “A password reset request was sent from a device at the location shown below”, here you may click on the Reset; On the iPhone you’ll see “Use this phone to reset password”, here you may click on Allow.
  4. Then just follow the onscreen instructions, here you can enter a new Apple ID password for the account.


Another way to reset the Apple ID password that you forgot is by answering security questions. To do that, first go to https://iforgot.apple.com/password/verify/appleid, enter your Apple ID, click on continue, an email with the title of “How to reset your Apple ID password” will be sent to your email. You can click the “Reset now” link in the email, then follow the instructions.

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How to Protect Your Passwords?

A password manager is highly recommended in this case. If you are thinking of finding a way to not only help you store your passwords, but also generate, autofill, and protect your passwords as well as other sensitive data, Passwarden is the best choice by far. Developed and built by top cybersecurity experts, all Passwarden team members share extensive experience in the field, and their products have been in the cybersecurity market with over 20 million satisfied customers since 2013. Learn more about the team.

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Why You Should Choose Passwarden?

There are many benefits that Passwarden can offer, here we will look at the 2 most noteworthy points: Security and Convenience.


Strong encryption

Passwarden employs AES256-GCM and EC p-384 as its encryption protocols. Both are very strong and can encrypt all data stored on your device and on cloud servers. Therefore, even if your web traffic is intercepted, your information will remain completely unbackable to hackers.

Two-Factor Authentication

With the 2-Factor authentication, whenever someone tries to log into your account, a unique one-time key will be sent to the email address, or the authenticator you specify. Your account will be solid safe because no one can access your account without this key.

VPN with a password manager

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1 account for all devices

With just one single subscription, you can use our password manager on any number of supported devices and browsers.

Easy data import

Transferring data from external sources to Passwarden is extremely easy! With the Migration feature, you can import passwords from all supported platforms. Learn more

Random password generator and Autofil

Passwarden provides a powerful and simple-to-use password generator. It can customize lengths and components. The generated password will be saved to your encrypted storage within just 1 click, and autofill whenever you need it.

Multi-platform supported

Passwarden is available on almost all popular devices. You can use it on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and as a web app.

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