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LastPass vs. Passwarden Comparison

Looking for the best LastPass alternative?

You’ve landed in the right place!

In this piece, we are going to review Passwarden by KeepSolid and LastPass password managers:

  • Data encryption
  • Security
  • Supported platforms
  • Prices

Best LastPass Alternative: Password Managers Comparison Table



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Data encryption AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256
Two-factor authentication Authenticator App and Code by Email Authentication code and Push notification
Password Generator
Unlimited Passwords
Unlimited Devices
Users in Family Plan 7 6
Autofill option
Password Manager with VPN
Dark Web Monitoring
$ / month (Personal plan) $3.99 $3.50
$ / month (Family plan) $4.99 $4.80
Lifetime Subscription
Trial Full-featured 7-day trial 30-day trial
24/7 Support
Rating: 5 4

A Closer Look at LastPass

LastPass is a zero-knowledge policy password manager that provides many advanced features and multi-factor authentication options.

Data encryption

First of all, LastPass implements AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes. Also, it provides encrypting and decrypting data at the device level. And finally, a strong master password and unique encryption key ensure local security.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about your sensitive data. Your information is kept secret even from LastPass employees.

Supported platforms 

LastPass is supported on macOS, Windows, Linux, and as a mobile application on iOS and Android. You can use the LastPass password manager as a web browser extension as well. 

Additional security features

The LastPass team provides the ability to add extra security to your LastPass account by requiring one more login step before providing access to your Vaults and Items.

With two-factor authentication enabled, each time you log in to your account, you will be asked to enter your username, password, and master password as usual and an additional authentication code that will be sent as a push notification to your smartphone.


There are two types of subscriptions: Single Users & Families and Business Plans. The first one includes a Free plan for 1 user on 1 device. This subscription offers unlimited passwords, an autofill option, and limited security features. The next plan is Premium for €2.90 per month. Use on any number of devices and advanced security features are included. The last one is a Family subscription for €3.90 per month. This plan can be used by 6 users simultaneously and provides a family manager dashboard and unlimited shared folders.

More About Passwarden

Passwarden is highly encrypted storage that aims to keep all your passwords and other valuable data safe and organized.

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.

Data encryption

To ensure maximum privacy, Passwarden implements bulletproof AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols and client-side encryption.

End-to-end encryption means that your information is encrypted before it leaves your device, so if any hacker gets lucky to intercept your data on its way to Passwarden servers, the only thing they get is a bunch of encoded symbols.

One more security level is added by master password - a super-secret key that is used to access your Passwarden account. It has to be strong: be over 8 characters long and include numbers, special symbols, and both lowercase and uppercase letters. All of this ensures unmatched data integrity and confidentiality.

Supported platforms

For now, Passwarden is available on desktop (macOS and Windows), mobile (iOS and Android), and as a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Also, you can use the web version of our password manager on any internet-capable device.

Additional security features: Duress mode & 2FA

Passwarden provides a dedicated Duress mode. This mode aims to safeguard your personal information even if someone makes you open your password manager under duress.

Another security feature is two-factor authentication. It is a great way to protect your Passwarden account and stored data from any unauthorized access. There are two different types of 2FA available in Passwarden: Authenticator App and Code by Email. Wondering how to enable two-factor authentication? Check out our step-by-step guide and make sure no one except you can access your Passwarden account!


Passwarden provides Personal and Family subscriptions for 1 month, 1 year, and for a Lifetime. All these subscriptions provide the same security measures and safety features. The only difference between Personal and Family plans is the number of users: Family subscription supports up to 7 accounts while Personal plan includes the use of 1 account only.

Regarding prices, they are quite similar to LastPass - $3.99 for a Personal account and $4.99 for a Family subscription.

Keep all your passwords and other sensitive info safe and at an arm’s reach with our top-notch password manager!

3 Steps to Get Started with Passwarden

Getting started with our best LastPass alternative is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow just a few steps below and protect all your passwords and other sensitive information behind one strong master password:

  1. Download Passwarden on your device
  2. Log in using your KeepSolid ID or create a new one
  3. Set up and confirm your master password

Now you are ready to create your first Vault and save all valuable data away from prying eyes. Make sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to get started with Passwarden to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Note: Purchasing from the User Office, apply the bonus code lastpass alternative and get a -30% discount on any Passwarden subscription!

Download Passwarden right now and explore a secure and convenient way of generating and storing all your passwords!

Reasons to Get Started with Password Manager Apps

  • Save all your passwords in the encrypted storage and be sure about their integrity
  • Always have your passwords at the arms reach - access them from any platform
  • Make your login process less of a burden with the Autofill option
  • Remember only your master password, remembering all other passcodes is not your concern
  • Generate strong and unique passwords in a matter of seconds

How to Export from LastPass and Import into Passwarden

  1. Open the LastPass browser extension and select More Options > Advanced > Export.
  2. Confirm your master password and proceed. The lastpass_export.csv file would be automatically downloaded to your device.
  3. Open Passwarden and navigate to the Settings > Account > Import.
  4. Choose the LastPass option and click Next.
  5. Select the appropriate Vault to import your data to, choose the lastpass_export.csv file, and press Import.

Ready to give it a try?

Download our best LastPass alternative and explore secure password management!