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Password Manager for Bank Accounts

Most people have dozens to hundreds of accounts with passwords online, for business or financial data. The idea that anybody would have a strong, unique password for every one of these accounts, never write them down, memorize them all, is just impossible. 


Luckily, that’s what password managers like Passwarden are for. Especially when it comes to online banking, bill-paying, shopping, and other accounts for financial operations and services. You don’t want to risk jeopardizing such vital information and risk it falling into the wrong hands! Let’s learn are password managers safe enough for that and how password managers can protect information.

Safe Password Manager for Bank Accounts

To figure out why Passwarden is so important for business and banking accounts, you need to understand a few facts:


  • Password management software allows to store, manage, and generate strong, unique passwords for online accounts. As such, Passwarden provides access to those passwords via a Master Password created by you, the user.
  • Passwarden also stores and secures other sensitive data, like logins, user IDs, credit card data, personal identification numbers, software licenses, etc. This means that you don’t have to memorize or write down any of these - the only thing you need to remember is the Master Password.
  • Various password managers differ based on where they store your passwords and data. Most commonly, it’s either in your browser or on your device. However, these options are not the safest, and totally not safe enough when it comes to securing your banking information. That’s why Passwarden instead stores your data in the cloud in the encrypted form.

Are Password Managers Safe for Bank Accounts and Business Information

To answer this question, one must first understand the risks of not using password managers for bank accounts. You’re either using weak, non-unique passwords, or have to somehow keep track of multiple accounts and passwords - likely by storing them via unsecure means like sticky notes or online sheets. Considering such alternatives, password managers like Passwarden are useful and reasonably safe tools. 


However, when using a password manager for your banking and other financial accounts, you need to ascertain how safe it is. You want to pick one where your passwords and banking data are exclusively available to you, so that no one, not even the app’s developers can view it. Passwarden just happens to be one such password manager!

Keep your bank accounts safe with Passwarden!

With our solution, you may not worry about the security of your business details!

Passwarden Bank Accounts Protection

Our password manager protects your financial and banking information by means of cloud data storage.  Passwarden synchronizes your data across our cloud servers using top-notch encryption. Your passwords and data are available to you anytime, while remaining totally protected from any unauthorized parties, including even KeepSolid’s employees!


Passwarden’s data synchronization looks like this:

  1. Any new bank accounts and financial data in your Vaults are immediately encrypted on your device with the AES256-GCM protocol.
  2. The encrypted data is synchronized across Passwarden cloud servers, to be stored unreadable to anyone without your Master Password.
  3. As soon as you log in to your account with a proper KeepSolid ID, our cloud servers send the encrypted data to that device.
  4. To decrypt your data, you will be prompted to enter your Master Password. It is then encrypted with the EC p-384 protocol and sent to the cloud servers. 
  5. Once we verify that you’ve entered the correct Master Password, you get access to your Passwarden data.

Why Passwarden is the Best Password Manager for Business

High security standards

Passwarden is the best password manager for businesses and banks due to its top-notch security. Our solution implements the military-grade AES-256 and bulletproof EC p-384 encryption protocols that reliably store your sensitive information and ensure the integrity of the stored commercial and bank details.

Duress mode

Duress mode allows you to hide Passwarden Vaults with the most secret business information. This will protect your bank accounts and business credentials even if you have to open the app under duress.

Two-factor authentication

Our solution is the perfect app to protect bank passwords due to the level of security it provides. You can enable two-factor authentication to protect your business details and prevent the leak of sensitive data to third parties. 

Part of the security bundle 

Passwarden is part of the MonoDefense security bundle that includes a set of instruments to improve your safety. With KeepSolid’s solutions, you can easily connect to the web with a VPN, filter the malware traffic and enjoy any geo-restricted web content.

Protect your bank accounts and financial data with Passwarden

Try out Passwarden right now and protect your business passwords, financial information, and bank accounts with our password manager!