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How to Change Alibaba Password

Alibaba is the world's largest marketplace as well as one of the world's most popular websites. Alibaba has over 100 billion products, operates in over 200 countries, and provides customers with access to a global ecosystem of manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, and retailers.

The intuitive interface allows buyers to find the best wholesale products and trade deals with multiple suppliers. Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace for customers looking to buy large quantities of goods at a low cost. Alibaba allows customers to negotiate with manufacturers, create custom products, and save a lot of money. 


Alibaba offers many ways for buyers to find new products:

Products can be filtered based on the following attributes: name, brand, category, item model number, item colors, minimum order quantity (MOQ), product type, supplier type, product location, price range, supplier rating, manufacturer rating, and stock availability.

Buyers can find new products by scanning product barcodes with the built-in camera or entering text manually. The app will then find products that match what was scanned or typed in.

In this post, you will learn how to change Alibaba password, so, keep reading!


You can change your password from your account settings if you've already logged in. It's a good idea to change your password regularly to improve security and ensure that it's unique and difficult to guess.

To Change Alibaba Password Follow These Simple Steps

1. Log in to your Alibaba account.

2. Change your password by going to "My Account" – "Change Password."

3. Before you can continue, the system may prompt you to verify your account. If your email is still in use, you can choose "Email Verification" or "Contact Customer Service" for help.

4. Enter a new password and double-check it.

5. Submit the form.


Now that you know how to change Alibaba password, you might need to know that over a billion data points, including usernames and mobile phone numbers, were exposed in a data breach at Alibaba's Chinese shopping platform Taobao in 2020. So, do you want to read in the news someday that Alibaba itself was hacked? And that your Alibaba account - which probably contains credit card information - was one of the hacked accounts? If the answer is No, then we introduce you to Passwarden, a password manager that will protect your credentials and much more!


Please bear in mind that when it comes to password managers, the majority of them use multiple layers of protection against security breaches. So, while a breach is unavoidable, the best way to protect a user’s data is to use a password manager, so that if your account is attacked and breached, the attacker gets nothing, only a bunch of useless numbers and characters.

What Is Passwarden and Its Features

Passwarden is the ideal password manager because it encrypts all of your data and eliminates the need to remember hundreds of passwords. With our secure password manager, all you need to remember or change is one Passwarden account password; the rest is managed by our app.


Best Passwarden Features:

  • Password generator
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  • Autofill of passwords
  • Data migration
  • Offline mode
  • Duress mode
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  • Two-factor authentication

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other platforms

Passwarden is also part of MonoDefense security bundle.

Why You Need to Use Passwarden

Ensure the safety of your personal information

Our team takes the security of your passwords and other data very seriously, and we do our utmost to ensure that none of your information is accessible to third parties. We've implemented client-side encryption using the AES-256 and p-384 algorithms to give your data the most secure protection possible. These algorithms are capable of not only storing , but also synchronizing your data in the app.

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Passwarden takes care of creating strong, unique passwords. When you use our password manager, it will generate secure passwords for all of your accounts in a second, and it doesn't require you to remember them. There will be no more pain over creating and remembering a large number of strong passwords.

Passwarden will be your guard while you travel

Our password manager's Duress mode is another extremely secure feature. When you're forced to open Passwarden under duress. To take advantage of Duress mode, create a Duress password and use it whenever our password manager is demanded. As a result, only the information you've saved for such scenarios will be displayed.

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