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What is Avigilon and Its Security

This guide gives you a walkthrough of your first Avigilon camera setup. It provides you with the default username and password you need right after you unbox and launch your Avigilon camera. Read on to the end of this article to discover the best solution to managing all your passwords efficiently, including that of your Avigilon camera.


Avigilon is a Canadian company, which is a subsidiary of Motorola Solutions. It specializes in the development, and production of video analytics, network video management software & hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. Avigilon cameras manufactured prior to 2020 require a default username and password upon initial setup.

What is Default Password

A default password is a piece of text, set by the manufacturer of a device, or the developer of a service to help the users through their first login and setup. Most frequent default usernames and passwords include “password”, “guest”, or the product’s brand name. Companies typically assign a single default password for the same service or model of products. Users may also find default login information on the company’s website or inside their published user manuals that come with the product. In addition, some websites post updated lists of default usernames and passwords sorted by brand, product, and model. What you need to remember is; a single passcode is used for numerous devices identical to yours. And this can expose your device and your data to massive cybersecurity risks.

If you don’t change your default login, you unnecessarily put your device and personal data at risk of breach. Default passwords are used by snoops as obvious attack vectors to get access to your device and data. More importantly, if your device is part of a corporate network, the risk increases and subjects the whole corporation to cyber threats.

A default password should serve as a placeholder, only to be overridden by a user-made password. Some companies demand users to change it right after the initial login, such that they cannot possibly proceed otherwise. Nonetheless, the best way to go about this problem is using a reliable password manager.

Avigilon Camera Default Password

If your Avigilon camera is old (manufactured before 1 January 2020), you certainly need a default login to initialize your device. After installing the camera, you need to access the web interface via the device’s IP address, which can be found in the Avigilon Control Center Client software. Note that your web browser must accept cookies for the camera web interface to function properly. Simply enter http://<Avigilon camera IP address>/ into your browser, and you will be prompted to enter the default username and password to access the device. Use “admin” for both fields and continue. Avigilon recommends changing the default password after your first login.


In order to edit your login info, you must go to the web interface and not the video management software. Then follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to the Users page, select a user from the Username list, and press Modify.
  2. Enter a new password for the selected user.
  3. Click Apply to save the changes

You can change the user’s security group by selecting a different group from the Security Group list (except for the administrator account).


Since surveillance data is highly sensitive, you should always create a strong password for maximum protection of your device. However, complex passwords have one obvious disadvantage; they are hard to remember, especially, if you have to change them regularly.  If you have a hard time remembering things, you should definitely use a password manager that generates strong passwords, encrypts them, and stores them safely.

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