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Features That Make Passwarden the Best Password Manager

Enjoy the ultimate security and convenience features with Passwarden - the best way to generate, store, and protect passwords and other data


Security Dashboard

If you read the news about password leakage and feel anxious about it, check out this feature. It will let you know whether you need to change your password. Keep getting up-to-date information about the security of your credentials. Learn more

Duress mode

If you’re ever forced to open Passwarden under duress, enter a dedicated password to hide previously designated important data and passwords. Learn more

Password sharing

If you ever want to share your passwords with others, Passwarden is a safe and secure alternative to sending them via messengers or emails. Learn more

Data encryption

AES-256 and ЕС р-384 data encryption protocols will ensure that your passwords and personal information stay out of harm's way at all times. Learn more

Two-factor authentication

Add another layer of security to your passwords and information. A one-time passcode will be sent to your indicated email address to ensure that only you can access your account. Learn more

VPN with a password manager

KeepSolid allows you to combine the benefits of password managers and VPNs for an ultimate security combo. Get our MonoDefense security bundle and protect all aspects of your cyberlife. Learn more

The safest password manager

Passwarden grants a variety of benefits to its users. No wonder, considering that it was developed by cybersecurity experts, with years of experience and millions of satisfied customers. Learn more


1 account for all devices

Pay for a single subscription and use our password manager on any amount of supported devices and browsers. No need to pay extra for additional devices or worry you may run out of slots.


Data import

It’s super-easy to transfer data from external sources to Passwarden with the Migration feature. For instance, you can export passwords from Chrome and to our password manager. Learn more


Multi-platform software

Passwarden is available on a multitude of devices. You can use this password manager on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and as a web app. Learn more

Offline mode

Need your credentials or password, but the internet went down? No problems! You can access Passwarden even without an active internet connection.


Free subscription

You can use our password manager for free with some minor feature limitations. Using a free plan, you are not able to share items and vaults, can’t create and manage Family, and are limited to one device only. Learn more

Cross-device synchronization

Open your data Vaults and access your passwords and stored information whenever and wherever you need. All the changes will be automatically synced between other devices. Learn more

Universal KeepSolid ID

Use a single KeepSolid ID to access any and all KeepSolid products in one click. Get access to the KeepSolid User Office and manage all your subscriptions from there. Learn more


Random strong passwords

Streamline the process of creating strong passwords. With a single click of a button, Passwarden will generate a random strong password for you and save it for later use. Learn more

Other types of data

Besides just your passwords, Passwarden can store and protect all sorts of other data, including personal information, login credentials, payment info, licenses, etc. Learn more


Password autofill

Manually entering long, complex, and random passwords every time can be quite a hassle. Benefit from the Passwarden’s Autofill feature to avoid such nuisance and have our app do all the work for you! Learn more

Family password management

Protect those that are the most important to you. With the Passwarden Family plan, you’ll be able to extend the benefits of our password manager to your whole family - most securely and conveniently. Learn more

All-around password manager

Passwarden weaves together a modern, intuitive interface and a universal approach to your protection. The password manager’s features streamline password creation, management, sharing, and protection. Learn more

Explore all the benefits you can get with Passwarden

Try out Passwarden and explore its safety and security features: generate strong passwords with a single сlick and store them in the protected data storage that is always at your arm’s reach!

FAQ About Features of Password Managers

What is a password manager and why is it useful?

Password managers perform two important roles: they help protect your passwords and streamline their management. Password managers make it easy and convenient to use dozens of unique random passwords without getting overwhelmed. This helps combat the biggest cybersecurity threat - the fact that many netizens use the same password over and over again simply out of convenience.

Which are the main aspects of password management?

Your security and privacy are the main benefits of using a password manager. To that end, a good password manager should include the following aspects:

  • Password vault for storing your data
  • Secure password sharing via encrypted channels
  • Password autofill so that you don’t have to enter them manually
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on (SSO) 
  • Data backup on cloud servers


Can I trust a password manager?

Yes, you can trust them more than most other apps. Password manager software is focused on your security, so it will normally offer much better protection to you and your data. And obviously, with a password manager, you're getting a significantly better level of security than without it. Storing your passwords in an unencrypted form, reusing them, and not using a dedicated security solution - that’s what imperils your data.

Which is the most commonly used password?

You’d be surprised how many people come up with the same few passwords. This is a significant problem - hackers won’t even have to wait for a password data leak, they’ll just have to test the most commonly used passwords. Here are some examples:

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • picture1
  • qwerty
  • password
  • 12345678
  • 111111
  • 123123
  • 12345


What defines a strong password?

Here are the features of a strong password:

  • Is at least 8-10 characters long - the longer, the better
  • Consists of both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Consist of both letters and numbers
  • Includes special characters, such as ! @ # ? ]

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