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How to Change Your Facebook Password if It Was Compromised

How to Change Your Facebook Password

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Data hack! Security breach! These events, once one-off and resonating, have now become a routine reality we live in, sadly (especially when it comes to Facebook). Well, since there’s nothing most of us can do about it right now, we should at least adjust our internet security hygiene to meet the challenge. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to change your Facebook password!

Other important topics that we at Passwarden will discuss today: 

  • What is a good Facebook password
  • How to create a strong Facebook password
  • How to secure, manage, and safely store your Facebook password

How to Change your Facebook Password if You’re Logged In

If you’re already logged in, follow these steps to change your password:

  1. On Facebook, click the down arrow in the top right
  2. Click Settings & Privacy, then select Settings
  3. Select Security and Login
  4. Next to Change password, click Edit
  5. For confirmation, enter your current password and a new password
  6. Click the Save Changes button

Logged in to Facebook but have forgotten your password?

Click Forgot your password? at step 5 above. Then, follow the instructions to reset your password. Keep in mind that you will be sent a confirmation email, so you’re going to need access to the email address associated with your account.

How to Change your Facebook Password if You’re Not Logged In

How to Change your Facebook Password if You’re Not Logged In

If you're not logged in to Facebook, follow these steps to change your password:

  1. Go to (a.k.a the Find Your Account Page)
  2. Type the email address, full name or username, and mobile phone number associated with your account, and click Search
  3. Follow the instructions to reset your password

One thing to keep in mind here is, at step 2 you can’t use the same phone number that’s registered for two-factor authentication on your account. This is done for security reasons (so that, if someone gets their hands on your phone, they won’t be able to change your Facebook password). The downside, of course, is that you’ll need to use a different number and email for your account for any future password resets.

If you still can’t change your Facebook password, be sure to contact Facebook support and they will help you (most likely). But seeing how it usually takes them a lot of time to process your request, it’s best to first try resetting your password as described above.

What is a Good Facebook Password

A good Facebook password is a strong password. That is, it’s long, it consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, numbers, and it’s unique to your Facebook profile. Let’s take a look at Facebook’s own advice for creating a good password:

  • It should be easy to remember but hard to guess
  • It should differ from your other passwords (from your email or bank accounts, for instance)
  • The longer your Facebook password is, the better
  • Don’t use your personally identifiable information as part of your password, e.g. your email address, birthday, or phone number.

What is a Good Facebook Password

Make sure to follow these tips when next changing your Facebook password. Actually, Facebook may even decline your password if it’s not strong enough. If that’s the case, check if satisfies the guideline above. Also, try mixing lowercase and uppercase letters. Finally, you can always make your Facebook password a whole phrase - something that is easy for you to remember, but impossible to crack with a brute-force attack. 

How to generate a strong Facebook password

You can avoid all the hassle of having to create new strong passwords for Facebook altogether! Just use a service that can generate passwords automatically. It’s a great alternative, as you won’t have to strain your brain trying to come up with yet another strong password that most often will look something like CZRaZVYjAK(Hc%52*q. And, as you will see below, such services offer other compelling benefits.

How to Manage and Securely Store Your Facebook Password

So, let’s say you follow best practices in password hygiene and create a strong Facebook password as described above. Let’s go even further and assume that you have the same modus operandi when it comes to any and all passwords. Then, the next question we should address is - how are you supposed to store and organize dozens of them?

The wrong answers include:

  • Write passwords on sticky notes (they can fall into the wrong hands)
  • Write them in sheets online (ditto)
  • Try memorizing all your passwords (likely, you will eventually forget some)
  • Use the same password everywhere (this is the worst option - if any of your accounts gets hacked, all others that share the password will be jeopardized)

How to Manage and Securely Store Your Facebook Password

So, what is the best way to secure your Facebook password and store and manage it alongside dozens of others? Using a password manager like Passwarden! This app is meticulously designed to streamline all password-related processes and eliminate any inconveniences that one may face there.

Passwarden for Facebook Password Management

So, how can Passwarden help you with changing and storing your Facebook password?

  1. It can generate a new strong password and automatically memorize it for you.
  2. It will safely store your Facebook passwords, along with other passwords and sensitive information, within secure vaults. This is the most reliable way to store your passwords, protected with 256-bit data encryption, Master Password, Two-Factor Authentication, Duress Mode, etc.
  3. It streamlines the process of saving your passwords. By your leave, Passwarden can capture any passwords you first enter on a new website and automatically save it to a vault. You can also import data in bulk using the Migration feature.
  4. It helps you share your password and other data in the safest way possible via Family accounts and secure sharing options.

Best Tool for Facebook Password Management

We hope this guide helped you change your Facebook password successfully. And if our password manager app picked your interest, be sure to give it a try! You can download Passwarden for free or check out our paid subscriptions to find the one that best suits your needs. Check it out, and stay safe!

March 28, 2024