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Top 10 Family Password Managers: Safe and Convenient

Our daily activities are tightly bound with a myriad of software solutions that we use to make our life easier and better organized. Task planners, offline service apps, and security software are widely used almost by every family member. And choosing a reliable one can be a real challenge. 


This issue is topical especially when it touches on digital security solutions because in this case, we trust our sensitive data to third-party service providers. We highly recommend to make research before downloading certain services and submitting bank credentials or passport details to it. 


Speaking about password managers for families, the best practice is to find a top software app that will comply with essential criteria of safety and convenience and provide a set of family-friendly features:


  • Convenient and safe password sharing
  • Unique and strong password generation
  • Intuitive access rights management
  • Compatibility with various platforms
  • Multi-device synchronization


In this article, we will have a closer look at the most popular and downloadable solutions and figure out if they are worth attention or if it is better to find another one. 

10 Best Password Management Solutions for Families

About the Passwarden family app

Passwarden is the best security solution to manage passwords and store sensitive data for your family. The highest position in the rating can be easily explained by the level of security provided by the service and convenience features offered in the app. 

Passwarden Logo

Encryption algorithms, implemented in Passwarden guarantee the integrity and protection of your bank credentials, accounts, emails, and other data stored in secure Vaults. Regular security and interface updates ensure that the user experience will be smooth and safe. And a set of features and benefits make Passwarden the best choice for families. Let’s check them out.

Features of Passwarden for families

  1. Password sharing. Passwarden functionality allows users to share their sensitive data without the risk of being intercepted. Just create Shared Vaults and open access to them to other Passwarden users. 
  2. Password generator. With this feature, you can create strong and unique password combinations of any length with uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special symbols.
  3. Vault permission management. Add your family members to shared Vaults and assign their roles in it: Viewer, Editor, or Administrator. Risks of accidental deletion of items are minimized. 
  4. Multiplatform. Passwarden is available on a wide variety of platforms. Now every member of your family can get access to shared Vaults and other Passwarden features on any device they own.
  5. Data import. The migration tool in Passwarden allows transferring your items from all popular services and web browsers in two clicks in CSV, JSON, 1PUX, or 1PIF file formats. 
  6. Security Dashboard. This tool will help you to manage the strength of your passwords and the protection level of your accounts. You will learn if your passwords are weak, compromised, or reused and be able to take measures in time.

Family plan in Passwarden

Passwarden has a flexible pricing policy. You can choose monthly, yearly, or even Lifetime plans for every member of your family. A yearly family plan costs $4.16 per month and includes 7 accounts. Moreover, when you start using Passwarden you will get a 7-day free trial to learn all the benefits of a paid version of the app, including all the essential features. You can also use the free version of the app, but with certain limitations.

Choose the top security solution for your family

Passwarden is the best password manager to share passwords and store all your items securely.

other platforms

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Briefly about 1Password family password manager

1password is a password manager for all your credentials, logins, emails, and other data. It is declared that 1Password implements top AES-256 encryption, and has all the basic password management functionality.

1Password Logo

Features of 1Password for family 

You can also create and store items, share your storage with family members and friends, and analyze password strength in the app. Though the app is reported to be a bit bulky and heavy, it offers a combination of basic security features at an average price:

  • Data Sharing
  • Travel mode
  • Popular platforms support
  • Dark web monitoring

More about 1Password family plan

Though 1password has no free version of the app, it offers a free trial period. Experts also highlight that the 1password app is affordable, but pricing plans are better suited for multiple users than individuals. The family plan costs $4.99 and you can invite up to 5 guests.

About the Dashlane family password manager

Dashlane is another popular password management solution on the market. Interface and user experience are pretty basic for this kind of app. 


Features of Dashlane family password manager

It offers basic functionality, with industry-standard encryption algorithms, a no-log policy, and a necessary set of top features. Dashlane has all the features offered by other apps in this category:

  • Family functionality
  • Encryption technologies
  • Multiplatform
  • Device syncing

Pricing and Dashlane family plan

Pricing is one downside of Dashlane compared to other password manager providers in this top. Family and personal plans seem to be rather expensive compared to other options - $5.99 per month in an annual plan.

About the LastPass family solution

LastPass is the next representative of password managers. Password auditing, secure storage, and various types of authentications are offered. The app also has a family-sharing dashboard, where you can adjust permissions. Though, experts report that support options could be better. 

LastPass Logo

Features of LastPass Family

Generally, you receive an affordable password management tool with plenty of standard functions at an average cost. LastPass functionality is pretty basic: 

  • Popular security algorithms
  • Multiple account recovery options
  • Various platforms supported

LastPass Family review

LastPass seems to be an affordable deal. The Family subscription plan costs €3.90 per month. This plan can be used by 6 users simultaneously and provides a family manager dashboard and unlimited shared folders.

About the Keeper family password manager

Keeper is another password management solution in this review. It allows your family to store online login credentials, documents, and other sensitive information in an encrypted digital web vault. Though Keeper implements top AES 256 encryption and is declared to be a reliable security tool, there were some critical vulnerabilities discovered and reported by Google Project Zero researchers. 


Features of the Keeper family solution

So regardless of the set of features, offered by the app, it is better to ensure that the project has no new security weaknesses before downloading it. Keeper offers the following functionality: 

  • Storage of passwords
  • Fingerprint and Face ID
  • Unlimited devices

Family plan in the Keeper password manager

Keeper offers a family plan for $74.99, a pretty high price for 5 users. With this plan, you received unlimited password storage, record sharing, and 10GB of file storage.

About the RoboForm family solution

RoboForm is a representative of a zero-knowledge password manager for iPhones and Android phones. It has a security center to check out the strength of your passwords and a convenient user interface that will be easy to use for every family member. 

RoboForm Logo

Features of RoboForm for families

RoboForm has basic features that are considered an industry standard for this kind of app, but some essential password management features, like 2FA, online access, and shared folders are missing in the app: 

  • Form filler
  • Password Generator
  • Customer support and intuitive support content

Pricing of RoboForm family app

Though the annual plan is pretty cheap in RoboForm, the app can’t be named as a budget-friendly software solution, since there's no monthly subscription. An annual plan is the shortest duration you can opt-in.

Passwarden is the best password management software available on the market

Enjoy complete protection and top security and functionality of the KeepSolid solution.

About the Zoho Vault family password manager

Zoho Vault is an India-based software solution. You can create, share, and manage your passwords, monitoring your password security scores. Regardless of all the safety benefits the app offers, it has become a victim of a massive data leak that occurred within The International Committee of the Red Cross servers, based in Switzerland. So, there are some doubts that Zoho Vault can securely protect its user’s data.

ZohoVault Logo

Features of Zoho Vault for families

Zoho Vault offers simple onboarding and integrations with third-party apps. Its standard features are pretty useful for individuals and businesses. Zoho Vaults offers the following functionality: 

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Comprehensive password audit
  • Organized access with folders

Pricing of Zoho Vault 

Zoho Vault has no a big variety of pricing plans: Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. So if you are searching for a password manager for your family you should better consider some other options.

About the Bitwarden family app

Bitwarden is an open-source multiplatform solution that allows you to store and manage your sensitive data. Bitwarden vault data is encoded with end-to-end encryption. Your vaults are available only with email and master password. Some features that can be useful are missing in the app, like Duress Mode, password sharing, or family features.


Bitwarden Logo

Features of Bitwarden for families

Bitwarden is also a cheap software solution but it doesn’t offer family and sharing features. Here’s the list of functionality benefits available in Bitwarden: 

  • Password Generator
  • Password Strength Tester
  • Help Center
  • Import and export

Pricing of Bitwarden

Bitwarden pricing has a set of Business and Personal plans. Free plans suggest the basic features of a password manager. Fee-based plans have additional features like Event logs, Priority Customer Support, Bitwarden Authenticator, etc.

About the NordPass Family App

NordPass is a password manager developed by a popular software development company. It offers decent functionality and convenience with a set of additional features. This explains the high price. Regardless of all the reported benefits, many reviews highlight various technical issues which affect the total customer rate of the app - below 4.0 both on iOS and Android.

NordPass Logo

Features of NordPass solution for families

NordPass offers decent functionality and convenience with a set of additional features. This explains the high price. The app has: 

  • Zero-knowledge architecture
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password Generator
  • Security features

NordPass family plan

NordPass has a relatively high base rate of $7.99 per month for family plans with six accounts. But you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to try the app regardless of the reviews of other users.

About the product for families

The last provider in this rating is Enpass. Enpass offers solutions on all popular platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Passwords and other types of documents can be stored in this app. The product also offers a Lifetime plan. The average score of the solution in stores is 4.4 and it is explained by user issues in getting the biometric and autofill functions to work properly. 

Enpass Logo

Features of EnPass

The functionality of EnPass is pretty basic for this kind of app. If you don't need any additional benefits offered by similar solutions you can check out this one. EnPass has the following features: 

  • Free version
  • Password sharing
  • Device syncing

Family Plan in EnPass

The pricing policy is rather loyal with the price of $35.99 for the first 12 months in the Family Plan. After the first year $47.99 will be billed yearly. With this plan, you can add up to 6 members and use unlimited Vaults and create unlimited passwords.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Passwarden is the ultimate solution for password management for your family. You get unique and personalized features to ensure that your passwords are strong and secure along with top-notch security algorithms and standards applicable in the industry. Check out Passwarden for 7 days for free and get a 30-day money-back guarantee to figure out all the benefits of our top solution.

Best digital protection software right at your fingertips!

Check out Passwarden and manage your family passwords with no hassle.