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What Is a Blur Password Manager Breach and How To Prevent It

Blur Password Manager, an online privacy software, had reported a data breach exposing users’ information. According to the report, the Blur password manager breach incident had caused users’ personal information to leak online. In all, up to 2.4 million users were affected.

What Had Happened?


From the report, the file that contains the information of Blur password manager users (who had registered before Jan 6, 2018) was likely exposed online. According to Abine, the company that owns Blur, the leaked file was a “misconfigured Amazon S3 storage bucket that was being used for data processing”. Abine also confirms the number of affected users is approximately 2.4 million.

After the incident, Blur had notified officials and hired a security company to help with the investigation.

What Had Leaked From the Blur Password Manager Breach?


Much personal information was believed to have been exposed from the incident. That includes the user's name (first and last), IP addresses that had been used to login to Blur, user’s email addresses, and the most severe, the encrypted Blur passwords and some password hints.

Blur password manager had later claimed that there was no evidence to confirm the exposure of the usernames and passwords, auto-fill credit card details, masked emails, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and payment details stored in Blur.


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How To Make Sure the Safety of Your Data?


With the development of the internet, data safety has become a very important point concerning our privacy and online activities. No one wants to experience an incident like the Blur password manager breach or to see such a breach happen again. However, if such a thing ever happened to you, there are a few recommendations to follow:


  1. Change your passwords. If the same one has been used on different platforms, it is recommended to change all of them to a new one.
  2. Always backup your data. It is good practice to always back up your important information in case of unpredicted events.
  3. Apply 2-factor authentication. It is a good way to add another layer of safety to your account.
  4. Use a trusted and unbreakable password management tool. This will not only help you store your passwords in a safe place, but also better manage your data in an organized way.

How to Make a Strong Password Using Passwarden


1. Sign in to your Passwarden account.

2. Choose the item you want to update.


3. Click Edit in the right corner bottom. You should have a password that is 8 to 10 characters long, with lower-case and upper-case characters, numbers, and special symbols.

4. Update your password in the Password field.


5. Click Save.


You can also generate a random new passcode, click Generate Password next to the Password field, and follow the on-screen steps.

Benefits of Passwarden and How Will It Secure Your Data

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Powerful encryption

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Duress mode provided

As a reliable password management tool, we value the safety of your sensitive data and always treat it as our priority. Therefore, even in the case that you have to provide your access to Passwarden storage, there’s no need to worry, because our team provides a Duress mode that will safeguard your privacy. If you want to start using this feature, you can simply go to Settings and set up your special duress password, you can then mark entries that you don’t want to hide. In order to activate this mode, you need to enter your duress password, not your master code when signing in. In this case, we are putting a double lock to protect your sensitive data.

Add another layer of security

We all understand how important it is to safeguard our data and how easy it can be leaked. We can never be too careful on this point. Luckily with Passwarden, we know that our data is in a safe place as it provides us another layer of security: two-factor authentication. It is very much like double insuring your account. The general idea of a 2-factor authentication is to apply 2 types of different authentication methods, usually consisting of something you know such as your account ID and something you have, for example, an OTP (a one-time password that has been sent to your email box). You can easily enable this feature for your Passwarden account and put all your valuable data under a rock-solid shield.

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