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What is USG Devices

ZyXEL does not only produce ADSL modems that we will use at home. It also produces USG devices, which are products to control, restrict and relative breeding work of network routing in enterprises. One can also choose from different design options. Of course, the USG also includes a Firewall system and advanced antivirus software. Thanks to these devices, you can operate port forwarding that allow you to forward traffic destined to one or more ports on your USG's WAN IP to an internal host so that it can usually be accessed from the Internet.


ZyXEL emphasizes “high performance, precision and flexibility for safety” in its new USG product line. With each new USG series, the technology of the devices has been developed according to today's needs and their capacities are increased compared to the previous series. The company states that new devices can be used in a more flexible structure than old ones.


Some features of USG devices:


  • URL Filtering
  • Anti-Malware
  • GEO Enforcer
  • Web Filtering
  • Application Control
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP)
  • Email Security

USG and Its Security

USG devices are useful, but a lot of confidential data is transferred over these USG devices, which are used especially by corporate companies. However, since it is an integrated system connecting all devices, the entire company may be affected by a potential security vulnerability. For this reason, you should be sure of the security of this USG device. Unfortunately, many users do not change the default password, since the initial password of the device is determined by the producer.

This common practice opens up many dangers because this default password can be easily found by any user on the internet. It is a huge user mistake to leave this device, which must be protected with a high level of security, exposed to such dangers. A malicious user who reaches this code can change many settings on your system, apart from that he can access and misuse some of your data. So, you should change your password as quickly as possible.


USG and Default Passwords

However, we know that the problems do not finish here. There are many devices with default passwords, such as USG, and all of them need to be reset. You are also at risk when doing the renewal process for these default passwords. Because your new password may be seen by the hackers. Also, it is a very challenging process to regenerate and save them for each device. Because every device and application we use now requires a code and username.

Dealing with this challenge outside daily work is a truly challenging process for most people. If you use the different codes for each, it will become increasingly difficult to remember. At this point, it is also very risky to save the passwords to one place, because anyone can easily access these passwords. If you use a single code for all devices, you are at risk again because you create easy access for malicious people.

That's why we want to introduce you to a great solution. Thanks to Passwarden, which is equipped with the most advanced technologies, there is no need to get lost among passwords or forget them!

Passwords are vital, let’s join the Passwarden and save them!

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

The Benefits of the Passwarden

The number of devices and applications we use is increasing day by day. We are dealing with many codes and usernames both in the business environment and in our private life, and we try to keep all of them in mind. It is also a dangerous habit to write down these passwords, which can be a big problem if we forget them, because it creates a big problem when we lose our notes or get into the hands of someone else.


However, making them all the same password is just as dangerous. In this case, we all need help with the security and storage of them. This is where Passwarden comes to our rescue! Thanks to Passwarden, which is a very useful and efficient solution thanks to the state-of-the-art software it offers, there is no need to worry about your passwords anymore.

Be sure of your USG device’s protection! Thanks to the Passwarden application, you will be able to keep your passwords and critical data safe. Let’s check our website.


The advantages of using Passwarden:

  • Do not be worried about your information.
  • Store all of your passwords
  • Import them easily
  • Additional benefits such as Master Password etc.

FAQ about Passwarden and USG

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