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Is FaceID safe to use on your device?

Our online lives and connections exist through using our devices. We store our important data on our mobile phones, and it is indeed vital for us to keep our devices safe from anyone who may try to invade our privacy. Technologies such as Touch ID, Voice ID and Face ID have revolutionized authentication and have made it hard for criminals to unlock our devices without us knowing.


In this article, we will discuss FaceID and how safe and reliable it is. We will also discuss Passwarden as a reliable password manager and how you can benefit from using FaceID to log into your Passwarden account.  


How does FaceID work and is it safe?

This powerful system uses unique biological characteristics of your face and stores these as a 3D image for future recognition.  Through looking into your phone, a detailed geometry of your face is mapped out accurately and once this image has been enrolled into the FaceID system, you can simply unlock your phone by looking at it.


While all online security technologies have flaws, this Face ID system is reliable and safe to use. It can identify you even if there are certain changes in your image such as a new hairstyle or changes due to you applying some makeup. This solution is also created to adapt to different lighting and environments, such as indoors and outdoors.


Because every person has unique facial features, it is difficult to cheat FaceID and pretend to be the owner of the device. If your password is not complex enough, a hacker can be able to crack it and get access to your device. However, they cannot crack your FaceID and this makes it safe to use on your device. You may use FaceID to log in to your Passwarden account.


How to set up unlock with Face ID on your Passwarden account?

  1. Go to your Passwarden account and navigate to the Settings tab and tap Unlock with Face ID in the Security section.
  2. Confirm your Master password and tap Enable.
  3. Tap OK to allow Face ID use for unlocking Passwarden.

Once you have enabled FaceID, you will be requested to sign in to your Passwarden account using Face ID.

After you enable unlock with Face ID, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Passwarden account using Face ID.


Using FaceID to log into your Passwarden account is safe and convenient. Passwarden still offers extra protection because it allows the user to enable Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) by choosing to use the Authenticator App or Email. This serves as an added layer of online security that Passwarden deploys to maximize the safety of all its users.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

Why should you use Passwarden as your trusted password manager?

  • Passwarden is a password security solution that does an important job of keeping your passwords secure and well managed. It encrypts all your stored data to make it impossible for hackers to use your private data for harmful deeds.
  • Passwarden also gives you the freedom to save different kinds of data such as your passcodes, login credentials, bank card information and many other important details.
  • This safe tool removes the burden of having to remember all your passwords for different accounts. As the user, you only need to remember the Passwarden Master Password or use Face ID as a fast and secure way to get into your account.

Benefits of Passwarden

Data Encryption: Client-sided AES-256 and ЕС р-384 will bulletproof your devices from being hacked. Should any cyber criminal penetrate your device, your data will be unreadable and useless to them.

Security Dashboard: This feature alerts you of possible password weaknesses that you should be mindful of. It lets you know if you need to change your password due to the possibility of it being reused on other sites.

Duress Mode: Should you ever be in a compromising situation where you are forced to share your Passwarden Master Password, this feature will save you. It allows you to store highly private data in a separate and safe Vault that can only be opened using a duress password.

Password Sharing: If you wish to share certain passwords with your team or your family, Passwarden gives you the freedom to do so securely by creating a Vault that will be accessible to others without compromising all your saved data.

VPN with a password manager: Because Passwarden is part of the KeepSolid MonoDefence package, you will be able to get additional security from VPN Unlimited, DNS Firewall and SmartDNS solutions.

1 Account for all your devices: No need to pay multiple fees to cover all your devices, one subscription is all you need. Moreover, syncing your data across all your devices happens automatically.

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