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How to Share the Passwarden Subscription Across Your Family

Looking for secure password storage that could be shared across all your family members? You’ve already found it! Passwarden provides an affordable and convenient subscription for family usage. Share your family information with all the members and prevent any leaks of your sensitive details. Check out the best password manager for families and see all the benefits for yourself!


In this piece, we take a look at:

  • What is Passwarden Family plan?
  • How to create and manage your Passwarden family? 
  • What benefits can you get using our top-notch family password manager? 
  • And finally: how to share passwords with family and stay secure?

Find all the answers below!

What is Passwarden Family Plan

It’s a convenient subscription for families who value their data security. This subscription puts two things together:

  • You can store and share your family’s passwords in shared Vaults and access them whenever you need
  • Likewise, you can save your information in personal Vaults and be sure no one can view it


Family subscription provides the ability to invite up to 7 users, thus you won’t buy one application separately several times. Purchase one subscription for all your family members, download our reliable family password manager on any devices you use, save an unlimited number of passwords, and keep both your private and shared data intact.

How to Share Passwarden Subscription With Your Family

It’s a breeze! Follow these simple steps and ensure that your family’s sensitive data is reliably protected from the sticky fingers of hackers and other cyber malefactors.

  1. Purchase your Family subscription.
  2. Open the Passwarden app.
  3. Go to the Settings tab and click Manage Family.
  4. Enter up to 7 email addresses and click Invite.
  5. Wait till your family members accept your invitation, and that’s it!

Note: You can add up to 7 users to your Passwarden family.

Invite your family members to the Passwarden application and manage both your family passwords and personal data in a secure way! Enjoy the best password manager for family sharing!

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Benefits of Using Passwarden as Your Family Password Manager

Keep your valuable information away from hackers

To guarantee the highest protection of all your passwords and other sensitive information, Passwarden implements a number of security features. Thanks to the state-of-art protocols AES-256 and EC p-384 and client-side encryption, our reliable family password manager is ready to defend your data confidentiality and safety.

More about Passwarden security you can check on this page.


Easily organize and share your sensitive data without any risk

In addition to passwords, you can store secure notes, passport details, security system codes, credit cards, social security number, and much else.

What is more, Passwarden makes it extremely easy and safe to share any data stored in your Vault with your family members. Create a Vault, add the items you want to share, and invite your family to this Vault. It’s wonderfully simple, isn’t it?


Have all necessary data at your fingertips, wherever you are

Our best password manager for family usage is compatible with the four most popular platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Also, it comes as a browser extension for some widely-used browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Whenever you need to access your data, whatever device you have, Passwarden is always there for you!

Protect your personal information under duress

Duress mode is a perfect solution to protect your most sensitive data. Just create a special Duress Password and enter it instead of Master Password. After you set the Vaults for this mode, all secret information will be hidden if you have to open your family password manager in front of third parties. Passwarden will hide the most important, personal, and sensitive information. 

Choose a complete security bundle to protect your family

Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle, aimed to protect all aspects of your cyberlife. You can download four ultimate solutions for different purposes: keep your passwords safe, browse the web securely and anonymously, filter suspicious malware traffic, or unblock geographically restricted streaming services. With MonoDefense all your family communications stay secure and private. 

How to Securely Share Passwords with Your Family Members

To safeguard your data, follow these step-by-step instructions and start secure password sharing right away!

  1. Create a new Vault you are going to share with your family. 
  2. Add the appropriate items to this Vault.
  3. Send invites to your family members and select their access rights.
  4. Wait till users accept your invitation, and that’s it. 

Great! Now you won’t worry about your passwords and other valuable information while sharing it with your family members.

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