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How to fix Chrome sign-out error

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. Chrome users usually log into these browsers using their Gmail credentials. However, If you’re a Chrome user, you might have been experiencing this very frustrating bug where Chrome automatically signs you out whenever you close your browser.


This issue has been more commonly experienced among Windows 10 Chrome users than among Mac users. Although you are still able to use Chrome without being signed in, it can be inconvenient because you wouldn't be able to access your bookmarks, browser extensions, and Chrome customization.

What is this signing me out bug?

This bug has been affecting a large percentage of Chrome users and occurs when the user closes their browser. Although there are various possible reasons for this bug occurring, it is most commonly caused by the auto-fill and synchronization features of Chrome. But, no matter what exactly is causing the problem, here is a list of solutions! Work your way down the list and find the solution that works for you.


Disable the sync feature

The sync feature allows for login information to be synced and auto-filled across different websites. However, Chrome sometimes does not sync the exact data that it should be syncing. As mentioned above, this is the biggest cause of this sign-out error.

  1. In your browser, on the top right of your screen, select the profile icon.
  2. Select the option to turn off sync. 


Turn on cookies

Having cookies turns on tells your browser that you want your data to be saved and remembered. Here is how to do so on your Chrome browser:

  1. Open your browser and select the ‘more’ menu.
  2. In this menu, find ‘Settings’.
  3. Find ‘Privacy and security
  4. Go to ‘Site settings’.
  5. Select ‘Cookies’ and, from here, find ‘General settings’.
  6. Disable the option that says ‘Block all cookies’.
  7. Disable the option that says ‘Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome’.
  8. Finally, restart your browser. 


Update your browser

Using an outdated version of Chrome might be the reason for you being signed out of the browser.  To solve this, you will need to install the latest version of your browser. 

  1. Open your browser and select the ‘more’ menu.
  2. In this menu, find ‘Settings’.
  3. Select ‘Help’, and then ‘About Chrome’.
  4. If you see an ‘Update’ icon, click on it.

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