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What Is an Uber Password Breach and How To Prevent It

Uber is a ridesharing company that provides affordable ride options to its users and prides itself on its innovative business model. Uber relies on technological innovations such as mobile applications to conduct its business. Users download the Uber application and register their private details there. Personal details required when registering include names, identity numbers, addresses, banking details, and other important data. This is valuable information and with millions of users on its database, it should not come as a surprise that Uber has suffered a serious data breach in 2016.

What Password Breach Did Uber Suffer?


In 2016, hackers were able to breach Uber’s data that was stored on a third-party cloud server.  They stole the information and went on to demand a ransom from Uber.


During this data breach, about 57 million users and drivers had their information stolen by hackers. Information stolen included names, emails, and mobile numbers of users. This is important information that hackers could use to aid them to get into users’ various accounts.  If users had weak passwords or did not have a password manager, then they would be at an even greater risk.

Are Data Breaches Uncommon?


Data breaches are not an uncommon occurrence, especially in big companies. This is because big companies such as Uber have lots of data on their systems. Therefore, as a user, you must ensure that the passcodes you use are not weak and easy to crack in instances where there is a data breach.


Using simple number patterns such as “123456” or your date of birth or even common passwords trends such as “pa$$w0rd” can be very dangerous. It is also very common for parents to use their children’s names when setting a passcode because those names are easy to remember. However, a weak password can make it very easy for hackers to get into your applications and accounts.  Below are the tips on how to protect yourself by setting a strong password that will leave you protected even when there is a data breach.


Tips on How To Create a Strong Password

  • Use a combination of letters and numbers when creating a password. This includes lower and upper-case letters. Include symbols as well because this increases the strength of your passcode. Make sure that your password is not too short because it is easy to crack a short password than it is to crack a longer one.
  • Ensure that you change your passwords across your various accounts. If you use one passcode for all your accounts and applications and it gets breached, then all your accounts will be accessed using that one passcode which is highly possible.
  • To ensure that you do not forget your password, get a great password manager, which will not only store your passwords but which will help you generate strong passwords for your accounts including Uber.

A password manager protects you from suffering the effects of a data breach. Passwarden is the best passcode manager because it securely stores your data in an encrypted form. Even in cases of Uber password breaching, you will be at ease knowing that your passcode is safe.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

How To Update a Uber Password in a Passwarden Storage


1. Go to your Passwarden account and use your master password to access it

2. Tap on the item you want to edit such as Uber


3. Click on Edit

4. Add your new passcode in the field


5. Tap on Save

Passwarden is easy to use. It has a migration feature that makes transferring passwords and your other credentials from your applications a very seamless process. To transfer your Uber data to Passwarden, you must export your Uber data as a file and then import that file into your Passwarden.


Use Passwarden to generate a strong passcode for your Uber app. With its secure password generator, Passwarden makes sure that your passcode is long enough, and it takes a hacker a very long time to even get close to cracking your passcode. Protect your Uber app and other application on your device by using the best passcode manager.

Benefits of Passwarden in Protecting You From Any Data Breach

Bulletproof Encryption


With state-of-the-art algorithms and advanced client-side encryption technology, Passwarden will keep your passwords safe. Enjoy the benefits of using a password manager that is recommended by technology experts.

Duress Mode


Should you be forced to reveal your Passwarden password, you will be able to keep your highly confidential files hidden in another more secured vault that is not seen by using your Passwarden code.

Two Factor Authentication


Passwarden allows you an extra layer of security for your password. Whenever you want to access your Passwarden, you will have to verify your identity by using the OTP sent to your email.

Password sharing


Using Passwarden to share your password with third parties is a safer option than sharing them using your email or text messages. Passwarden always prioritizes your safety.

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