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What Is a Pandora Password Breach and How To Prevent It

Pandora is a popular, subscription-based, music streaming platform, which can be used to listen to music from all your favorite artists, bands and albums. It also has a wide range of podcasts available for you to listen to at any time on your Android or Apple device. The app has a great feature in that tailor designs stations for your individualized taste. With all these striking features, a cybercriminal might try to enter into your account, either to use the application without having to pay the subscription or to sell your data to a third-party marketing company!


Due to growing use of the internet, a data breach has become increasingly common. This happens when data, from a particular website or application, has been leaked externally. A Password breach, in particular, is when passwords are leaked during a breach. This is very dangerous!

If your password has been leaked in a breach, hackers have easy access to your Pandora account. This means the hacker now has access to all your data on your account, and can enter any other account you have online with the same password.

How Do You Know if Your Password Has Been Breached?


Mainly, there are two ways to check this:


  • Websites that track data leaks.

There are specially created websites, such as ‘BreachAlarm’ and ‘HaveIBeenPwned’, which can be used to check for any data leaks on any of your online accounts. The process of doing this is very simple, just type your email address into the website and it will check its database for any leaks. If your data has been leaked in a breach, the website will notify you of exactly which accounts this has been leaked from.


  • Password managers. 

These applications, such as Passwarden, are very useful in notifying you of any breach. These applications have software that will alert you if your data, on any website or application, has been breached at any point. When it comes to advantaged digital security, these types of applications are the best way to go, as they ensure that your data is safeguarded.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

How to Create a Strong Password


Now, updating a password may seem easy, but there is actually a little bit of a challenge to it - creating one that is strong and secure. Here are some tips on how to create a strong password:


  • Not using real words. Real dictionary words are easy to remember (good for you) but also easy to guess (good for a hacker!). People often use dictionary words, such as elephant or watermelon for example, because they are easy to remember. But you should avoid this!
  • Not using personal information. Information, such as your maiden surname or childhood pet’s name, should be avoided too. If a hacker has access to this sort of information about you, they can easily figure out your password.
  • Using at least 8 characters. This is usually the standard on most websites and applications, so stick to this length or longer.
  • Using a unique password for each account and website. These should be individual and unique for every account you have online, this way you are not at risk of having all your accounts compromised at the same time.


Now, you have updated your password to one that is strong and unique but where will store it and manage it along with any other passwords you have? The solution to this – Passwarden! This is a safe and secure way to manage all your passwords of all your accounts across multiple devices.

How To Update Your Password in Passwarden


1. Use the master password to gain access to your Passwarden account

2. Select the account that you are going to update in the menu.


3. Choose the ‘Edit’ button, which is located at the bottom right corner.

4. Update your password using the password field.

5. Click on the "Save" button.


There you go! It is now updated.

Why You Should Use Passwarden

Duress Mode


In a situation where you have to open Passwarden under duress, you can use a special passcode to prevent your data from being accessed.

Additional security


Get Passwarden as part of the MonoDefense bundle and get VPN too, ensuring you are safeguarded in all aspects.

Usable across multiple platforms


Have access to Passwarden on multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, all from one account.



Passwarden allows data to be shared safely with others.

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