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What Is MySpace Password Breach and How To Prevent It

Lo and behold, the social network service that showed us where the world is headed to, and the first to reach a global audience. Many might not believe it, but MySpace once had about 75.9 million monthly active users and was such a hot company for investors and venture capitalists.


Back in 2003, there was no Google Play Store, nor was there iPhone and Blackberry. Life was simply without the stuff we now can’t live a minute without. And then MySpace came and showed us how the internet can be fun and exciting. Through it, people started sharing photographs of themselves with strangers, and Indie artists and bands finally got a platform where they can have their music published. All this was the new way of using the internet and the world was excited and that’s how it grew to be a global social network, and yet all that seemed to not matter soon after the giant that Facebook is today came to the scene. 

MySpace Data Breach

In 2008 MySpace was surpassed by Facebook and has been on the decline since. Despite its global unpopularity, MySpace still had 15 million active monthly users in 2016 when over 360 million of its accounts were affected by a data breach. 

It has become a common thing for social media networks to suffer data breaches, it seems as though they are never quite on top of things when it comes to assuring that they are never hit by hackers. Can we outright fault them when hackers are putting in so much work into finding ways to gain access to people’s private information? 

Perhaps not, but anyone who has a collection of sensitive data somewhere on the internet should put measures in place to safeguard that data from a possible breach. Hackers need an entry point to carry out their malicious acts, this is made easy because we all are now using multiple devices to access data from, people and companies alike. These are all possible entry points that hackers may use in a data breach.

How to Prevent a Data Breach


Have you ever heard of the saying “Prevention is better than cure”? We shouldn’t wait to be attacked first and only want to increase our security measures. We need to prioritize the safety of your information. Here are some ways to prevent a data breach:


  • The first thing to consider carefully is creating strong and complex passwords. These require you to avoid using your names, birthdays, or names of family members to make part of your password. Strong passwords are made up of a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters that are not repetitive.
  • You should not use any of your passwords more than once. This can present serious repercussions should one of your accounts using the same password be breached.
  • Using a two-factor authenticator will add an extra security parameter. Making it difficult for anyone without your email or device to successfully breach your data.
  • Avoid saving your login details on your browser or device. Hackers make use of malware to install malicious software like spyware, which can be used to collect your data.


Hackers are relentless in their quest and are always searching for the big score. Social media sites remain high on their raider, and we all need to take the security of our private information as something that simply can’t be left to chance.

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How To Update Your Password in Passwarden


1. Log into your Passwarden account by entering your master password.

2. Then, from the menu, choose your MySpace account.


3. In the right corner of the screen, select the edit button.

4. Type your new password into the field provided.

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How does Passwarden Protect You?


Password managers help us create, save and store passwords belonging to our local apps and website accounts. They have made it possible for you to protect our data from any potential breach.


Passwarden is a safe and reliable password manager that can help you update any of your previous passwords to make them more complex.

Benefits of Passwarden

Two-factor authentication (2FA)


2FA is a necessary security measure that adds complexity to your login process. It sends a one-time passcode to your nominated email to be used for confirming your authenticity at each login request.

Data encryption


Passwarden uses AES-256 and ЕС р-384 data encryption protocols to ensure that user passwords and personal information is securely concealed. The encryption is employed on the side of the client and therefore made inaccessible to anyone but yourself.

Duress mode


You could find yourself forced to grant access to your information and data under duress. Passwarden allows you to create a password to enter in situations where you need to hide any designated important data and passwords.

Master Password


Memorizing multiple complex passwords is difficult for many, and Passwarden understands that it would be better for you to only memorize one password that is easy enough to remember to be used for retrieving the many complex ones that are saved and stored in its vaults.

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